Brooks Brothers coming to Georgetown as Up Against the Wall closes its doors

A few of you who land fancy-pants jobs upon graduating may need to upgrade from polo shirts with eagle insignias to higher-quality shirts with an insignia of a limp sheep hanging from some sort of ribbon getup.

I’m speaking of course, about Brooks Brothers clothing, and the impending opportunity to shop for it in Georgetown. Georgetown Metropolitan scoured the upcoming Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E agenda to find that the uppity clothier is applying for permission to make cosmetic changes to a storefront at 3077 M Street, which Smith and Hawken has recently vacated and Pottery Barn will soon abandon, too.

So, Brooks Brothers is coming to Georgetown. About the same time GM discovered this, Carol Joynt noticed that urban-chic favorite Up Against the Wall, located on M Street, is about to close its doors and become the latest of several recent business casualties in the Georgetown area. Up Against the Wall management did not respond to Vox‘s calls about whether it was relocating, but those “Up to 80 Percent Off,” “Total Liquidation” signs in the window do not look promising.

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