Voice‘s choices for the GPB Spring kickoff concert

The Georgetown Programming Board—the same people who brought you T-Pain—sent an e-mail to the student body last night asking for Georgetown’s input on the Spring Kickoff Concert.

While the Voice doesn’t necessarily agree that an April 10 concert can “kickoff” the Spring, we’re intrigued by some of the options they’re offering. Vox has been trying unsuccessfully to contact members of GPB for a few weeks now, so it’s unclear if GPB concert planners have looked into the feasibility of booking any of these acts. Regardless, if you’re looking for someone to guide your musical sensibilities—or argue with in the comments section—the Voice‘s veteran music critic Dan Cook has ranked musical acts in the order he would like see GPB try to bring them to Georgetown:

1) Flaming Lips

Let’s make a short list of elements that the Flaming Lips usually incorporate into their live shows these days:

1. An enormous digital screen that projects a hypnotic vagina at the onset of the show
2. Wayne Coyne’s inflatable, crowd-surf-ready hamster ball
3. Confetti cannons
4. Colorful, beach-ball-esque orbs
5. Lasers
6. “The world’s biggest mirrored ball”
7. Fog
8. Oh, and music

Just take a look at the clip above, and I’ll spare you the details about their critically-acclaimed discography and a groundbreaking career that spans nearly three decades.

2) Dirty Projectors

In terms of raw musicianship, the Dirty Projectors are far and away the most progressive option on this list. Bandleader David Longstreth’s obtuse (though increasingly accessible) arrangements are well worth the admission price, but it’s the seraphic vocalism of Amber Coffman and Angel Deradoorian that make their live set special. Placing them this high on our list is merely wishful thinking though—they’re nowhere near becoming a household name.

3) Talib Kweli

Easily the most accomplished MC on this list, Talib Kweli has all the talent of a rap megastar (think Lil Wayne, not Kanye) but with almost none of the recognition. His biggest hit to date is still “Get By” (featured below), but he still has plenty of great material under his belt. And, hey, there’s always the off-chance Mos Def could show up…

4) Kid Cudi

Next to the Dirty Projectors, Kid Cudi has the most forward-looking sounds in his respective genre (at least on a semi-popular level). “Day ‘n’ Nite” is just a small taste of Man On the Moon’s chic, hazy aesthetic. The only hesitancies here are that 1) he has only released one album and 2) that album is full of mid to slow tempo songs.

5) Lupe Fiasco

Nothing against Lupe—he’s just not as accomplished as Kweli and not as innovative as Cudi (though still better than many of his contemporaries). He’d still put on a solid show, he’s just lower on the chain.

6) Arctic Monkeys

The Arctic Monkeys scored some early success with Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, but otherwise these guys can’t really bat with some of the others on this list. This is the sort of band that you should go see at the 9:30 Club, not in McDonough (not that McDonough has any business being a concert venue).

7) Super Mash Bros

A poor man’s Girl Talk—if you want to spend your whole night listening to songs you already know, get in line for Club Lau.

8 ) Third Eye Blind

If there’s one thing Georgetown Students should have learned by now, nostalgia alone cannot maintain the interest of our student body for a full-length concert. How many Third Eye Blind songs do you actually know? (I’ll give you a hint, you can count them on one hand.) Granted, probably nothing will outdo the WTF-factor of Coolio (disclaimer: not a GPB event), but unless you want to talk for the majority of the Spring Kickoff Concert, let’s not repeat our mistakes.

21 Comments on “Voice‘s choices for the GPB Spring kickoff concert

  1. The fact that you would say that Lil’ Wayne is more talented than Kanye West, or that he even has talent, is ridiculous. Talib Kweli has more talent than most rappers out there. It’s an insult to compare him to Lil’ Wayne.

  2. Pretentious hipster garbage. They might put on a silly show, but all the balloons in the world can’t make up for shitty music. And shame on you for putting one of the greatest pop rock bands ever last on the list. I’m officially quitting this shit. Consider this my resignation.

    But good job ranking Kweli higher than Lupe and Cudi though. However, Cudi hasn’t been around long enough to hang with Lupe. Unless he’s performing Day N Nite all nite, there is no reason he should be 4.

  3. flaming lips would be insane. of montreal puts on a crazy show as well and has some mainstream appeal.
    my tops would be sunset rubdown. anyone who has a soul would be mesmerized. best show ive ever seen. but that said, i dont know if non elitists would get excited. which is kind of important. unfortunately its not just for us 18 pitchfork type snobs.
    maybe something that would get people in the door AND not suck, like rilo kiley, andrew bird, or even santogold or animal collective. the guitarist from fugazi went to gtown but i dont think they tour.

    of those santogold is maybe best bet?

    if jason mraz is chosen i will transfer. and lose my faith in humanity.

  4. oh the yeah yeah yeahs would be wide appeal and awesome and a high energy show.

  5. Those bands are pretty good, but do they ask hard-hitting philosophical questions like my band? Like: If today was your last day/And tomorrow was too late/Could you say good-bye to yesterday/Would you live each moment like your last/Leave old pictures in the past?/Donate every dime you had, if today was your last day?/What if, what if, if today was your last day? I don’t think Plato could have put it better.

  6. The Flaming Lips have some serious lyrics (that encourage kids to take their vitamins!):

    Those evil-natured robots
    they’re programmed to destroy us
    she’s gotta be strong to fight them
    so she’s taking lots of vitamins

  7. God forbid we should get a band that’s popular outside the hipster set. Nickelback may not exactly be particularly deep or unique, but they’re a top 40 band for a reason – and no, the reason is NOT because most of America is made up of fucking idiots. Nickelback/bands like them/NOT like the Dirty Projectors are on my iTunes playlist right next to Dave Brubeck, Béla Fleck, Dar Williams, and yes, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, and Kris Allen. Leave me and Nick Lachey the hell alone.

    Or, alternatively, you can just keep giving me reasons not to take seriously Voice’s entertainment sections, including anything written on Vox by primary bloggers and all commenters.

  8. @M: you make it sound like we only get hipster bands. Not, for instance, T-Pain, Coolio, and Fountains of Wayne. A little mixing up never hurt anyone.
    Unrelated – I also find it funny that Dave Brubeck, Bela Fleck, and Dar Williams are examples of good taste. You probably like your coffee acrid and vaguely burnt-tasting, too.

  9. The fact that you had to criticize my version of “good taste” at the end of your post makes me not take you seriously, at all, since you obviously didn’t take mine seriously. Good work!

  10. Um, the Flaming Lips would be absolutely insane, but there’s one name that hasn’t come up at all yet and that’s My Morning Jacket. Anyone who’s been to a show can tell you that they have a tremendously awesome concert. I’ve seen my share of shows (including the Flaming Lips) and I can safely say that I have never seen anything quite like MMJ.

  11. The Flaming Lips are a terribly, terribly overrated act. To be frank, I can’t believe you’d put Third Eye Blind last on this list (and behind Dirty Projectors AND Super Mash Bros). Seriously. This is meant to be an event that everyone can enjoy. If I wanted to get the full Super Mash Bros experience I would turn on my iPod during a pregame – and I would know because I’ve seen them live (it’s what you’d expect). Dirty Projectors will appeal to all of, I’d say, 1/8 of the Georgetown community, and not even every one in that crowd would want to see them at this type of event. “How many Third Eye Blind songs do you actually know? (I’ll give you a hint, you can count them on one hand.)” – funny I can say that about every artist on this list save Super Mash Bros and Arctic Monkeys (which would also be a solid choice). Take that test yourself.

  12. @M: So, you comment to criticize the article’s taste, attempt to prove your superior taste by highlighting the fact that you listen to the Starbucks compilation, and then refuse to listen to anyone who criticizes your taste. I think what may be happening here is that you suffer from being unable to deal with the fact that maybe – jut maybe – there are people in the world who disagree with you.

  13. @Not Jason Clark:

    Valid point about the “How many Third Eye Blind songs do you actually know?” line, although I’m not sure why you think the Arctic Monkeys are an exception.

    To clarify, it’s more of a comment on how people (such as yourself) think that someone recognizable guarantees “an event that everyone can enjoy.” I agree that 95% of the people would “enjoy” singing the four Third Eye Blind songs they know until they lose interest and realize the rest of their catalog is god-awful. It’s sort like what you say about Super Mash Bros — you might as well throw it on during your pregame because you’ll at least save yourself the trouble of walking over to McDonough to hear exactly what you expect. (Lord knows, I could always use another go-round with the songs I heard on my to school back in the ’90s.)

    If the purpose of this list were to rank “which of these bands would secure the largest audience at the Spring Kickoff,” Third Eye Blind would be higher and the Dirty Projectors would be dead last– but it’s not. It’s about who will be on the highest-quality show, which I personally believe is the Lips. So unless you want to extol the (literally) unsung cuts lodged deep in Third Eye Blind’s discography, or point out the under-rated showmanship of these guys, I think we can agree to disagree.

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