Comments of the Week: Your reactions to reactions

Biology let the news that the Trans-state Actor concentration had been eliminated go in one ear and out the other.

I don’t even know what that means!
Hooray, College!

Fact Checker noticed an uncanny resemblance between a TV personality and the Georgetown doctor who helped deliver a baby in Haiti via iPhone:

Is Dr. Mishori also Special Agent Dana Scully of the X Files?

The Voice‘s Sam Sweeney was surprised to find that he supported the counterprotest to the Petraeus protest:

The first letter is signed by the students of Georgetown University? I don’t remember throwing my not-inconsiderable support behind any such letter. WTF, counter-protesters?

P.S. Does this make me a counter-counter-protester? I certainly hope so.

Anomolous was less than impressed that GUSA condemned the Petraeus protesters during its weekly meeting:

wow GUSA condemned a protest? shocking they would oppose any significant challenge to the status quo.

thank you for that bold contribution to the debate or militarism in this country.

Our post about Georegetown for Haiti—a fundraiser that pissed off a neighbor because there were students there—netted a lot of student ire. Sean said:

It’s good to see that SOME people have their priorities straight.

Unclassy Fundraiser>Devastating earthquake in Haiti

haha chimed in, too:

Is this true, or is this a Heckler article? Just look at the disrespectful students in the photo! I’m sure the Haitians will return the money when they find out it came from those “students”!

And if this commenter is who she says she is, this week’s Voice feature about Thurgood Marshall Academy had a celebrity commenter. From D Watts-Brighthaupt, the former paramour of City Councilmember Marion Barry:

My daughter is a TMA Senior. Coming from a great private school on The Hill, she took this public charter school for granted. The curriculum was certainly in step if not beyond expectations of her previous school. What partly blocked her motivation to do her absolute best was the element surrounding her commute to and fro. And partly (though absolutely no excuse) the lack of diversity. Regardless, I’m a walking billboard for TMA. Recruiting ‘others’ across the city to check it out.

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