Remix Your Weekend: Crookers

It’s cold. I mean freezing. Like, so cold I’m just going to stay inside lest my eyebrows freeze off in the arctic tundra that our campus has become. I wish I had a plethora of amazing mash-ups to keep you warm, but instead I have a handful of songs from a band I should have previewed long ago. But better late than never right?

Crookers, for those who don’t know, is a pretty heavy House duo that hails from Italy. They are a pair that I’ve heard a lot about over the past three or four months, starting in the summer. But I never really had a chance to listen to any of their stuff in depth until this weekend. I was asked to play their remix of “Thunderstruck” and I was amazed by the results: shit got crazy, and I’m pretty sure it was the sole reason why my whole body hurt Sunday morning. They take this classic AC/DC tune and turn it into a body melting track that makes every limb go buck-wild.

The duo also has a pretty decent selection of their own tracks featuring such big names as Miike Snow and Yelle. His collab with Miike Snow, “Remedy,” is a mellow techno track that nonetheless shows the duo’s acute skill on the board. There’s also a music video for “Remedy” which is pretty sweet. The whole time you think these two kids are jacking random items from people on the streets of New York to sell on e-bay and it turns out they’re just making some fan art for Crookers.

The second track, “Cooler Couleur,” with Yelle on vocals, is a similarly awesome track (I’m always fascinated by how Yelle switches so smoothly between French and English in her songs). Both of these tracks are off of the Crookers’ Tons of Friends LP set to be released March 2010.

I also have this new Hood ‘Net track, (Wallpaper vs. Littleboots) didn’t want to make a big deal about it, it’s awesome, but I’ve posted so many Hood Internet tracks that I’ll just have a little blurb at the bottom of a post when I like one a new drop enough to share it.

So there we have it for this week, hope everyone gets crazy this weekend and stays warm by any means possible. Ya. I said it.

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