GUSA executives Calen Angert and Jason Kluger to run for reelection

On Sunday, Georgetown University Student Association Calen Angert (MSB ’11) and Jason Kluger (MSB ’11) announced to the GUSA Senate that they planned to run for reelection in the presidential election on February 23.

In an interview with Vox, Angert said that they had been considering whether or not they would run again for some time now.

“We’ve been asked a lot whether or not we were gonna run again, but before we decided, we wanted to make sure that we had value added we could give, things that could continue to be improved upon, very real achievable goals,” he said.

Angert explained that he and Kluger will be running on an agenda platform that promises to achieve specific goals, one which they will reveal in more detail once campaigning actually begins. Their agenda will focus on improving student safety, campus and social life, and student space.

“I’m a huge fan of the word agenda as opposed to platform. People should expect a GUSA candidate to deliver on all of the items they’re running on,” Kluger said.

Without giving away what he and Kluger will be specifically promising—they said they would be exploring what they can realistically promise over the next week—Angert said that their agenda would probably include new initiatives to improve student safety and a push for more and better student space.

“[Student space] is really in need of improvement. There are tons of issues with student space. Everything can circle back to whether you’re looking at funding, allotment, there’s just a huge list of issues that the category could entail,” he said.

Angert and Kluger said they were pleased with the breadth of their accomplishments this year, citing their successful efforts to expand the GUSA Summer Fellows program, “save the student readership program,” hire student drivers for Safe Rides vans, and create the GUSA Fund.

Angert’s tenure has not been without controversy, of course. In May, GUSA senators were dismayed to find that several of Angert’s staff members were also Senators who were members of the FinAp Committee. Around the same time, some accused him of stalling out the budget approval process so he could get money for the GUSA Fund.

Do they think they’ll win reelection?

“We hope so,” Kluger said. Referring to the two weeks of GUSA campaigning, which kick off on February 9, and perhaps to last year’s election debacle, he added, “In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to go through those two weeks again.”

“I just hope students can see what we’ve accomplished and will vote for us again,” Angert said.

Photo by Hilary Nakasone

17 Comments on “GUSA executives Calen Angert and Jason Kluger to run for reelection

  1. Best of luck to those guys. They’ve done a great job and stayed down to earth – Calen and Jason ’10.

  2. “Around the same time, some accused him of stalling out the budget approval process so he could get money for the GUSA Fund.”

    Hell, looks like they delivered on that promise, to the tune of $30,000. The majority of the GUSA Fund commissioners have been approved and from what I hear, clubs, groups and individuals are lining up for the much simplified budgetary process. So if that’s a controversy, count me in.

  3. Looking forward to another term of Calen and Jason. Student government actually adovcating for students? Yes. Actually accomplishing things they said they were going to do? Yes.

  4. which students do they advocate for?

    joe and jane hoya must be eating this up.

    And please, keep GUSA’s dang hands off my money.

  5. I guess “No more meathead leadership” must have missed the 50-person LSAT course that I was a member of. I usually read vox and laugh at the comments for getting into petty back-and-forths but I am sticking by these guys as I would not have been able to afford an LSAT course had it not been for them. And I assure you there were a lot of non-Joe and Jane Hoyas that were in that class with me. We were some of the students they advocated for.

    This article also mentions that they are bringing back the readership program. That seemed to be pretty popular beyond the realm of Joe and Jane Hoya.

    And I am pretty sure that student space is an issue for every club and organization on campus, not just Sig-ep or the B-FRAT.

    I’d assume your comment about keeping GUSA hands off your money has to do with the GUSA fund. I’m not a club president so I don’t really feel like I can comment on that. But I am pretty sure that like it or not, you pay 50 dollars (like the rest of us) in a Student Activity Fee. That’s been around for a lot longer then them. I remember being pissed about it freshman year along with the yates fee. I never go to yates.

    Again I don’t want to start a back and forth I just wanted to point out some of the ways they helped me this past year. I feel pretty indebted to them.

    That being said, if there is another candidate who comes out who seems like they could do better I will consider that candidate as well. But based on previous gusa elections, I am pretty sure there will be a bunch of platforms about leos food. c’mon guys it’s really not that bad.

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  7. I know that they’re the current Prez and VP so they needed to let the Senate know that they would be running for reelection, but the email from the GUSA election commission stipulated that campaigning can’t begin until next Tuesday, February 9th. Shouldn’t an article about their candidacy wait until then? Just a thought.

  8. So they were in Red Square last week handing out free Georgetown cupcakes and pizza paid for apparently by GUSA’s money. I know, I got some pizza from them. They told us they were doing a “survey of what you guys want from us in our last month,” but now that this comes out, wouldn’t you call that campaigning with students’ money? I know GUSA has a campaign spending limit because my roommate ran for senate last year, it is TOTALLY unethical if they don’t count the cost of all that food towards their campaign.

    I know they didn’t mention anything about running again while they were giving away all that free food and handing out surveys, but it’s not hard to realize they were either A) fishing for campaign ideas or B) putting their names out there ahead of their re-election campaign. What slimeballs. That’s my student activities fee at work.

  9. at least you got some pizza for your money?

    wish i’d heard about that!

  10. You’re complaining about the GUSA Pres and VP soliciting ideas from the students that elected them and to whom they are accountable? You guys know GUGS uses university money, too, right?

  11. Yeah, but GUGS isn’t trying to buy my vote with my own money.

  12. Media outlets are entirely independent from campaigns. Why would they be required to withhold news because it is outside the campaign period? That seems like exactly what news sources ought not to do.

  13. Can someone please explain why there hasnt been any action against these guys for what they did in Red Square last friday? They were essentially buying votes…..with OUR own money! Am I the only one who sees something wrong with that?

    2 years ago the GUSA Senate voted to not certify DW Cartier as GUSA President because they thought he had an unfair advantage simply because his name was first on the ballot. We all know that the GUSA Senate was wrong then, and if no1 steps up to punish these guys, the Senate will be wrong again.

    So basically when someone wins the presidential election who doesnt look like your common Joe and Jane Hoya, they are punished? While these guys get to use their GUSA Slush Fund to buy votes?

    Georgetown is truly behind the outside world…not just in technology, but in electoral policies as well.

  14. @Upset Student:

    C&J are the President and VP. Until their term ends, they can (and I hope, will) exercise their executive functions. Should they refrain from visiting student groups or answering constituent concerns, because that’s ‘campaigning’? If the Senate passes a bill? Once they decide to run for re-election, should they hole up and not exercise their Presidential functions until the campaign season begins? No, that’s ridiculous.

    I don’t see what’s wrong with the President and VP soliciting ideas from students, and providing food to help encourage responses. If they weren’t running for re-election, would it be OK for the President to do? Yes. Then why because they decide to re-run does it raise problems? What if they didn’t know they were running for re-election at the time, but later decided to — would that be okay? What about all the events Calen & Jason had hosted during their term — what if they knew from day 1 they were going to run for re-election, should they abstain from any student solicitation of ideas throughout their entire administration?

    As to DW Cartier–you have the reasoning wrong. It’s a complicated case involve an erroneous application of election laws by the Election Commission and a resulting clear voting pattern bias [the ballot said that you HAD to rank all candidates or your vote wouldn’t count, when in reality they could vote for as few or as many candidates as they chose–DW’s name at the top biased the results]. The EC was completely independent from GUSA. The EC simply presented the voting irregularity evidence to the Senate WITHOUT giving the names of who got what votes, so they the Senate had no idea [I was a Senator at the time, so I’m well acquainted with this]. For all they know, they were disqualifying Pat Dowd.

    The EC thus recommended that the Senate not certify the results. ALL candidates, including DW Cartier, agreed to this result when the results were presented anonymously–and DW only made a stink when he found out he would’ve won.

    The runoff, WHICH DW WAS INCLUDED IN, got a LARGER VOTER TURNOUT than before, and DW got far fewer votes with Dowd clearly getting more. The election irregularities were cured. How is a proper vote with higher turnout less legitimate? Or was the entire student body in on the “scam”?

  15. More info on the DW Cartier-Pat Dowd vote here:

    Suffice it to say, in a turnout that was several hundred votes higher, Dowd got 1st place after three rounds, and Cartier came in 3rd (out of 4 places). And also to note that, “All eight candidates agreed to a run-off between the top four, according to Election Commissioner Maura Cassidy (COL ’08). However, Sean Hayes (COL ’10), who placed fifth, and D.W. Cartier (COL ’09), who won the first election, later raised objections.

  16. Dude. Chill. google “franking privilege” and see what you get. You really think they could “buy” peoples votes with cupcakes?

  17. If that’s “executive privilege,” the whole thing with giving out cupcakes and pizza PAID FOR BY GUSA a week before announcing their unprecedented move to run for re-election, then why hadnt they stood out in red square, in the freezing cold or otherwise, until now? The last time I saw those clowns giving shit out in red square was the LAST time they were campaigning.

    GUSA does surveys on the internet. There is no reason to do it with expensive junk food unless you’re blatantly abusing your position to buy people over.

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