Date Lab Georgetown: Where in the world will romance take them?

This week’s male Date Labber listed “sweet’’ and “caring” as the first two things that came to his mind when asked to describe his type. So, we found it appropriate to set him up with a girl who seemed sweet and caring—she’s spent her time teaching in rural and underdeveloped communities around the world, and wants to use her intelligence and interests in international affairs to make a difference.

We thought the fact that she was older and well-traveled would stimulate conversation with a guy who would choose The Amazing Race over any other reality show to be cast on because he thought “it’d be awesome to travel the world and I would totally win.”

But we knew that if these two were going to fall for one another and take whirlwind, romantic trips around the globe together, they would have to have a fun side. Since he said he loves dance parties, and she spends her weekends socializing with the theater community, Vox didn’t think that would be a problem. So, would their attraction travel as far as their overseas ambitions?

Anna Klis (SFS ’10) walked over to where Marc Sella (MSB ’12) was sitting after he had already gotten his tea and a bagel. She remembers getting the impression that he was “cute and really fun to talk to” as soon as they launched into conversation, covering the basics about themselves and what they were doing with their lives.

“We talked about the usuals—major, where are you from, why’d you fill out the survey. We talked a lot about what we were into at Georgetown and things we wanted to do in the future,” Anna said.

Once again, Date Lab itself proved to be a reliable conversation topic. “We liked the idea of date lab. We talked about … how we didn’t like the idea of drunken hookups and have friends who complain about how terrible they are and how awkward they are,” she said. They connected over their affinity for meeting future soul mates over coffee rather than Solo cups.

“She seemed nice, a very easygoing demeanor,” Marc recalled thinking. He thought she was “a little bit cute,” too, hinting at a potential for physical attraction.

But then the age difference between them reared its ugly head.

“He was talking about how he wanted to go abroad and that sort of thing and I’d never been abroad and was really more focused on last semester stuff,” Anna says she realized when Marc began to discuss his latest travel plans.

In the end, their desires to reach the far edges of the world pulled them apart more than it brought them together. “It was nice to talk to him…and just to know that there are other people into similar things,” Anna told Vox. However, when asked whether they had plans to see each other, she responded, “I don’t really know if we would actually hang out.”

When asked the same question, Marc’s answer was in line with Anna’s. “I wouldn’t mind it, but it wasn’t like there was this really great connection and I felt that I’d pursue it again.”

Perhaps introducing two cute young adults with similar interests just isn’t enough to start a romance anymore.

Want Vox to set you up?  Fill our our Date Lab Georgetown survey!

Thanks to Uncommon Grounds for providing the free food and drinks.

13 Comments on “Date Lab Georgetown: Where in the world will romance take them?

  1. So have there been any success stories from the Date Lab? Maybe we are inherently drawing from a skewed population. After all, people need to fill out the Date Lab survey themselves. I propose that Date Lab nomination forms be offered by Vox. That way, we will reach out to all types of Hoyas, not just the self-selecting ones, which may in the end all have the same tendency not to “click” at the end of a date. Thoughts?

  2. not everyone would want to be a part of date lab, as evidenced by the prior instance of “date lab nomination forms” for the date between that girl and Jimmy

  3. I think the real problem is the venue. Is it possible for sparks to fly when you’re getting hopped up on caffeine and munching on a bagel at UG, top 40 music blasting in the background?

  4. If everyone cared and nobody cried, if everyone loved and nobody lied, if everyone shared and swallowed their pride, would the two still agree that there was no spark?

    -Chad Kroeger aka Guy From Nickelback

  5. Christopher, your little joke made me chuckle. It was like that one time I stalked a girl for a few days, including peeking into her bedroom window and sniffing her hair as I passed by her in the hallway. I was later arrested and charged for misdemeanor harassment. While I was in prison I wrote a song about it. You should listen to it here:

  6. She’s cute, but Uncommon Grounds is a bad venue. What about going somewhere off campus, say Cafe Bonaparte or Leopold’s? It’s also a bit more private than having half of Georgetown on line watching your every move

  7. I have to say I find the utter lack of success of Date Lab Georgetown to be highly amusing. It’s as though Vox is trying to find a purpose in finding soulmates for people, and yet they are failing as much as those searching for soulmates in the first place. The more the two agree on the lack of a spark, the more I seem to find it funny.

    And I love the grasping for straws for some sort of indication of success with “’She seemed nice, a very easygoing demeanor,’ Marc recalled thinking. He thought she was ‘a little bit cute,’ too, hinting at a potential for physical attraction.”

    Nevertheless, it’s hard to hate these highly entertaining recurring articles.

  8. @Hoya: you can afford Cafe Bonaparte? wow.

    @date labbers: just because there isn’t a “spark” on the first date doesn’t mean it can’t work! becoming friends is the first step. if you have interests in common and enjoy each other’s company (and think the other person is at all attractive), give it a shot! none of these will work if people think they need to have a “love at first sight” experience in order to go beyond a conversation at uncommon grounds.

  9. Cafe Bonaparte is a moderately priced establishment–$8 for a crepe and $4 for a latte. The current DateLab is setting for $1 coffee and bagels from the Corp. Not the most intimate of settings to generate a spark. A coffee date there is maybe $25 with tip. I’m sure the Voice could subsidize that.

  10. I just think it’s kind of funny that this all started after your series of ragging on WaPo’s own blind date column.

  11. I can’t believe I am the only one who thinks that most of the Date Lab Georgetowns have been set up for failure. I think, in part because I stereotype, I wouldn’t put people in certain schools together, nor would I actually put polar opposites together; also, hasn’t age come up as an issue in multiple data labs? Is the point of this to fail, or could you find people who would be safer bets?

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