Georgetown MBA program 38th in Financial Times world rankings

Last week, the Financial Times published its list of the world’s best Global MBA Programs (PDF), where it ranked Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business Full-time MBA Program 38th. Up two spots from the 2009 list (PDF), Georgetown’s program snagged a job placement effectiveness ranking of 32nd, a faculty research ranking of 55th, and the “value for the money” ranking of 83rd.

The school’s weighted alumni salary fell only slightly this year, to $121,402, from $121,786. More strikingly, the number of Georgetown MBA students who found employment within three months of graduation dropped drastically from 98 percent in 2009 to 78 percent in 2010.

2 Comments on “Georgetown MBA program 38th in Financial Times world rankings

  1. Don’t give up, Georgetown! I know when my band Creed was on tour last year some critics said we weren’t as good as we used to be because all of our songs sound like the ramblings of a 60 year old meth addict. Yet we pushed on! And today, we’re that much closer to putting out another genius album. About God, unrequited love, unhealthy addictions, and redemption – y’know, revolutionary topics that haven’t really been discussed by trashy rock bands.

  2. 19th nationally ain’t bad, and its a big improvement over where the school was a decade ago.

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