Darnall: The Sitcom in production with GUTV

Behold, the confusingly goofy trailer for Darnall: The Sitcom, a new GUTV show that’s premiering on February 16. Bland but enticing, the trailer is a puzzling string of clips in which students allude to roommate troubles, killer elevators, and how awful it is to be in the basement of Darnall.

Luckily, GUTV’s Programming Director Richard Rinaldi (MSB ’12), who is also the show’s executive producer, enlightened Vox about the show. His e-mail description is pretty delightful, so we’ll just let it speak for itself:

“Darnall: The Sitcom is a story about seven friends who are stuck living in the worst dorm on campus and their adventures that follow. Along the way, they encounter everything from being locked in Darnall’s basement by their diabolical RA to attending their first party in Henle. Fabian Fondriest plays Christian, a basketball player who just wants to be normal—even though Mitch, a team member played by Daniel Lima, wants him to spend more time with the team.

“Best friends Norah (Zoe Lillian) and Hillary (Angela Morabito) are actually polar opposites, as they’re slowly finding out. Supporting cast members include Petar Georgiev as Greg, Hillary’s awkward love interest, Yuko Shimada as Yuko, a sharp-tongued floormate, and Kate Newman as Andrea, a typically quiet but very intelligent friend.”

We’re nowhere near as excited we are for the reality show in production about Georgetown Cupcake, but nonetheless, we’re intrigued. The show is co-produced by Dunja Panic and sophomore Chris Cronbaugh. Megan Acheampong, a Darnall resident, is the creator and head writer, and Rinaldi and freshman Bobby Kaminski are also on the writing team.

“Darnall will premiere at 8 pm on February 16, 2010 in Sellinger Lounge and air on GUTV (RCN channel 60),” Rinaldi wrote, having said, “We at GUTV are really excited about it.”

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