Fashion Props: Girls in Winter

Fashion Props
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7 Comments on “Fashion Props: Girls in Winter

  1. These are great pictures! I love the style of the second girl in the peacoat. Very classy. I love it!

  2. Given I can’t say much positive about the pictures in question, I shall compliment Vox’s determination to continue with this series, despite its seemingly large unpopularity. Bravo.

  3. @Mike…. all you can see of the second girl is the peacoat, the same goddamn peacoat everyone on god’s green earth has! That doesn’t count as style!

  4. @ Keaton,
    Yeah, but she’s also remarkably good looking, so the peacoat looks better on hear than most people.

  5. I think the fourth person may actually be Sloan from Ferris Bueller’s [sic?] Day Off.

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