We Are Georgetown and You’re Not: USF Preview

This year, Vox is taking a page from Deadspin and New York’s books and giving you a guide for rooting against each of the Hoyas’ Big East opponents. In preparation for tonight’s game against South Florida, here are three reasons to hate the Bulls:

It’s a trap!

Casual fans may have taken a look at the schedule this week and thought Georgetown can take a breather tonight. Unfortunately, USF is no longer the hapless squad that seemed perennially confined to the bottom half of the Big East standings. Winners of their last three games, including a convincing 70-61 victory over a ranked Pittsburgh team, the Bulls are hot as they head into the Verizon Center.

Georgetown, meanwhile, is riding high off Saturday’s emphatic victory over Duke, and has an even bigger match-up coming up this weekend against No. 2 Villanova. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a trap game. Of course, JTIII and the Hoyas are not unaware of the Bulls’ recent success, and they know that no game in the Big East can be taken for granted or looked past. But if there’s any time USF is going to catch Georgetown off guard, it’s tonight.

Dominique Jones

The reason the Bulls no longer suck? Dominique Jones. In January, the junior shooting guard, shown above, was the hottest player in the Big East, if not the country. He has averaged 37 points over the last three games, and no one was able to hold him under 20 last month. This is a player who recently said his goal used to be to “try to get 25 a game, 30 a game.” Now he aims for 50 points, 20 rebounds, and 20 assists. That might make Jones sound selfish and stat-obsessed, but unfortunately he’s not a shot-chucking black hole on offense. He scores with efficiency, shooting almost 50 percent on the season. Hate him because he can make Austin Freeman look pedestrian on offense.


You may think I’m going to take USF to task for being the most remote school in the Big East. But despite its status as the Big East school furthest from Georgetown, I don’t think distance is a real reason to hate USF. Unlike say, Chicago, Tampa fits my definition of east, which makes it a suitable conference partner. No, the problem with USF’s geography is simple: it’s warm there now. Win or lose tonight, the Bulls get to go back home tomorrow to 70 degree weather. Meanwhile, those of us here in D.C. have to trudge through the snow for the second straight game. Normally I wouldn’t try to claim D.C. is a really cold place, but after seeing snow twice in a week, I think it’s fair to hate the visitors from the Sunshine State for getting to enjoy nice weather in January.

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