University employee victim of attempted robbery on 3300 block of M Street

On Wednesday, February 3, at around 11:45 a.m., three black males confronted a University employee and attempted to rob him. The victim repeatedly refused to comply with demands from the three suspects that he give them anything, and they left him without taking anything.

The Department of Public Safety has put out the following details in a Public Safety Alert:

At approximately 11:45 a.m. on Wednesday, February 4, 2010, a University employee reported to DPS that he was the victim of an attempted robbery in the 3300 block of M Street moments earlier. He reported that while walking to his classroom, which is located on the same block, three unknown males were walking towards him. Two of them passed him, then approached him from behind, while the third confronted him from the front. One suspect had his hand inside a black duffle bag. Another suspect demanded the complainant “give it up, old man.”

When the complainant did not comply, the suspect repeated the demand. When the complainant did not comply again, the suspects began walking away, at which time the complainant called DPS. The suspects then ran east towards Wisconsin Avenue. DPS notified MPD and responded to the employee’s office. MPD officers and detectives responded and the investigation was turned over to them.

Paragraphing is Vox‘s. The PSA gives the following description of the three suspects: “The suspects are described as three black males. Suspect one: 5’7″, average build, wearing all black. Suspect two: 5’9″, average build, wearing all black. Suspect three: 6′, clean shaven, average build, wearing all black clothing and a hood over his head, carrying a black duffle bag. The hood has a blue stripe on the bottom portion and a yellow stripe on the upper portion.”

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