We Are Georgetown and You’re Not: Villanova Edition

This year, Vox is taking a page from Deadspin and New York’s books and giving you a guide for rooting against each of the Hoyas’ Big East opponents. In preparation for tomorrow’s game against Villanova, here are three reasons to hate the Wildcats:

Before we get to the Wildcats, make sure to reserve a little extra hate for the snow. No matter how much comes down over the next 24 hours, the game will go on. According to both Sports Information and JTIII, all the principals—the Wildcats, the refs, the TV crew, and possibly even the Hoyas—will be staying in a hotel near the Verizon Center.


I missed hating on ‘Nova the first time around, which may have been a good thing, because the Wildcats are even more deserving of your vitriol after last month’s 82-77 loss in Philadelphia. That was a winnable game for the Hoyas, and a waste of Greg Monroe’s career game. The big man will want payback after his 29 point, 16 rebound effort was squandered. Frontcourt mate Julian Vaughn will want payback after being held scoreless and fouling out in just 17 minutes. Chris Wright will want payback after a 1-for-7 shooting effort that limited him to just six points. Hollis Thompson will want payback after an 0-for-7 afternoon that made Wright look good. And Henry Sims will want payback after Villanova forced a turnover that ruined what was otherwise a perfect trillion.

Scottie Reynolds

“It’s been so long since last we met” is obviously an inappropriate lyric for tomorrow’s game. But the fight song sounds even more absurd if it is used to serenade ‘Nova guard Scottie Reynolds. In college basketball terms, Reynolds has been around forever, and he just won’t leave the Hoyas alone. Tomorrow will be the eighth time Georgetown has faced Reynolds. And to continue the fight song metaphor, there’s no chance Reynolds lies downGeorgetown has never kept the senior from scoring in double figures.

A local product from Herndon, Virginia, Reynolds is having his best season yet as a senior, averaging a career-high 18 points per game while shooting nearly 50 percent from the field. Worse, he has lived up to his reputation as one of the most clutch players in the country after his Elite Eight heroics against Pittsburgh last March. Tomorrow afternoon should be the time to (hopefully) say goodbye and good riddance to Reynolds.


Georgetown’s number one rival will always be Syracuse. But the Wildcats consistently make a case to be Hoya fans’ second most hated team. Georgetown and ‘Nova are both long time members of the Big East and relatively close to one another, not to mention that every meeting is a Catholic battle for supremacy between the Jesuits and Augustinians. But the one reason Georgetown hates Villanova is simple: 1985. That was the year the defending champion Hoyas were upset in the NCAA tournament final by an eighth-seeded Wildcats squad that shot an unconscionable 78 percent from the field. Thankfully in recent years Georgetown has made ‘Nova pay for its sins, beating the Wildcats five times in a row. That is, before three weeks ago. It’s time for the Hoyas to start a new streak.

3 Comments on “We Are Georgetown and You’re Not: Villanova Edition

  1. But will you guys actually show up?

    No public transportation, not GUTS busses. Spread the word- TELL PEOPLE TO WALK TO ROSSLYN OR DUPONT

    It will be embarrassing if you kids look even worse than Wednesday.

  2. Hoyas 08

    1. piss off

    2. if the game happens, it’ll be packed

    3. sorry you graduated, i’ve been too busy drinking to think about how awful you must feel

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