Remix Your Weekend: Shwayze + PNAU

There is snow EVERYWHERE! My California soul almost can’t handle it, but even in my stunned state I was able to find some great remixes for this week: a remix by Party Rock, and a Fredrick Carlsson remix a well.

The first song, Shwayze’s ubiquitous “Get You Home,” is a Party Rock remix with LMFAO accompanying on vocals, much like Party Rock’s Lady Gaga remix I posted some time ago. This song just goes to show how hard Party Rock parties when it comes to remixes: the group takes out the synths and revs them up at just the right moments, in short: it’ll make you shake that booty. Speaking of LMFAO here’s a great remix of their single, “Shots.”

The second song is a mellower song from PNAU featuring Ladyhawk. I’ve never really listened to either band, honestly, but this remix by Fredrick Carlsson is pretty sweet. The 80’s-esque background synths in this track really get me going, and Ladyhawk’s sultry voice is pretty hawt. You could even drop this song at a party if you were so inclined, but it’s no doubt better for hanging out with the peeps.

So there we have it, two great songs for this week to listen to while we get slowly get snowed in over the next couple days. Stay safe and don’t trip too much out there!

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