Georgetown University will be closed tomorrow, February 9!

The University has just announced that it will be closed Tuesday, February 9. From

Georgetown University is closed today, and will remain closed on Tuesday, February 9, 2010. Classes are canceled for the Main Campus, the Medical Center, the School of Medicine, and the School of Continuing Studies (all locations).

All designated emergency employees must report to work on time. The Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle (GUTS) will not operate on Monday or Tuesday.

The library will remain open (see for details). Dahlgren Medical Library will operate as usual (see for details).

So, if you didn’t do any work today, you lucked out! And with 10 to 20 more inches on the way tomorrow night, who knows what Wednesday will hold…

Update 10:09 p.m.: Provost James O’Donnell has just sent a charming, poetic e-mail about the University’s decision to close the school. From the e-mail, whose subject line is “snow, closing, coping”:

We have spent the day consulting and looking for a way to make it work, but have been unsuccessful, and that’s immensely frustrating for many of us …. Administrative offices will be closed Tuesday, but faculty members who wish to hold classes may do so according to the regular Tuesday schedule but without penalty for students unable to attend. (Alas, that won’t be possible for School of Continuing Studies classes.)

We now have the advantage of multiple technologies of communication, including notably the Blackboard course management system, and I strongly encourage faculty and students alike to take up those tools and see just how much of the business of teaching and learning we can achieve. With a little more time on our hands, can we be inventive and imaginative and find ways to keep the semester moving forward, even on a thick layer of ice and snow? I look forward to hearing about the experiments and victories that ensue.

Victories in the meantime: Lauinger Library, that beacon of our commitment to learning and inquiry, has remained and will remain open and welcoming. Many others, including staff in dining and residence life, the students of the Corp and GERMS, the shovelers and plowers and many others in facilities services, and the officers and staff of DPS — and I wish I could be sure I’m not forgetting anybody! — are still keeping the campus safe and comfortable during this time, and we owe them all our warmest thanks.

42 Comments on “Georgetown University will be closed tomorrow, February 9!

  1. Did anyone get the e-mail from O’Donnell just now? WTF is this nonsense? Let’s add more ambiguities to this blizzard by using the “eh we might open class today” method

  2. Sorry if it was unclear: the message was meant to be only that *IF* faculty want to make themselves available and students want to get some time with them, the facilities will be available. But hey, the semester will roll forward and everybody’s going to get behind. I really do think that Hoyas are clever enough to figure out ways to keep up without getting into the f2f classroom. Vox Populi want to offer an award for the coolest things people come up with to do that? I’ll join you in presenting it.

    Jim O’Donnell

  3. So do we really have classes or not? Will teachers send emails?

  4. whoah… the Provost is seriously blazed right now. I could get used to this…

  5. I don’t know what was more moving, google’s super bowl ad or Provost O’Donnells heartfelt email of encouragement

  6. Jim O’Donnell never made it as a wise man, he couldn’t cut it as a poor man stealing, he was tired of living like a blind man, and he was sick of sight without a sense of feeling…so he became provost. This is how he reminds us that Lauinger Library is that beacon of our commitment to learning and inquiry.


  7. [Comment removed by editor for impersonation].

  8. Come on guys, show a little respect. The administration clearly had a tough time today making the decision to close school tomorrow and sacrifice another day of class in order to keep everyone safe.

    We spend so much time, energy, and money coming here to learn, and his email speaks to the commitment of the provost to learning at this university. Of course we like days off; they are a treat, but you guys are making the student body look like a bunch of retarded high schoolers by heckling him on a blog. It’s really unclassy and I’m embarrassed that he is going to read this. Stop being dicks.

  9. see above. there’s a large divide here between joking around and having zero respect

  10. That Jimmy O’Donnell is a real swell fella. Feel like he gets me as a “young person.”

  11. Wow. Jim O’Donnell never ceases to inspire me. Now instead of getting drunk tonight, I will be doing my homework. While drunk. Thanks Jim.

  12. I think the Provost’s heart is in the right place. He clearly cares passionately about his school and his students and I think it’s really good to see him engaging students in the comments.

  13. Yeah. I really want to spend my entire day waiting for Father Schall to figure out web chat so we can have a class that I sleep through anyway. Nice try Jim. How about a snowball fight instead? Students against smug administrators. That means you Jim.

  14. I just want to reiterate my relief that Lauinger is still open. Everyday, I go to that shining beacon of scholarly learnedness to perfect my craft of writing Grammy award winning songs. Had I not been able to interact f2f with my fans, I could never again bring pen to Ritz Cracker box again. Blackboard doesn’t support the transmission of love. Yeeaaahh. Also, you forgot me Jim. I come to campus everyday rain or shine and give students a reason to live. I know you probably tried hard not to forget to mention me, but you forgot to mention me. Please add addendum.



    PS How the hell’d we wind up like this?

  15. Comment of the week above. Comment. of the effing week.

  16. This thread has devolved into drunk students being hilarious. HOYA SAXA.

  17. I’m not drunk. I’m high…on Canadian pinewoods and the smooth sounds of power rock. Vox, can you please add a picture of James O’Donnell so I can sing “Look at this photograph!” Much appreciated.


  18. Dear Provost O’Donnell,

    I commend you for discovering the rich, rewarding nuance of texting abbreviations. Why not sprinkle your otherwise forgettable e-mails with the following (I include quotations from your previous e-mails to show how you can utilize the plebian dialect of the student body):

    – 2EZ: Too Easy: After considerable discussion and consultation involving individual students, faculty members, the Council of Associate Deans, and the Main Campus Executive Faculty (2EZ!!!!!)
    – LOLO: Lots of Love: With best wishes as the semester comes to a close (+LOLO<3<3<3),
    – 420: Marijuana: I invite you to join us as we celebrate [Georgetown Day] with food, festivities, (420) and friends.
    – LTLWDLS: Let's Twist like we did last summer: Working together, we can create a community that maximizes the blessings of diversity. (So LTWDLS!!!!)

    And perhaps you, like I, should omit the nonsense "Best Wishes" and simply bid farewell by saying,

    LMIRL (Let's Meet in Real Life) [you know, for an f2f],

    L. Bay
    P.S.: U R 7K *w*

  19. Whoops, I’m a n00b @ spelling. It def should read: “plebeian”

    BBS! TTFN!

  20. vox’s block quote omits the discussion of “surprising pockets of failure”. Ironically, this omission is, itself, a shocking pocket of failure.

  21. This is embarrassing and unprofessional. The University should be clear in the signals it sends out. I think it’s silly to make the status “classes are canceled (but really liberal leave – *wink*),” but it’s the university’s choice to do so. What isn’t okay is communicating incomplete information and sending an e-mail that only confuses students further hours later. It’s unfair to everyone involved to tell people after 10:00pm at night that “surprise! Everything could change!” I hope that the university does not consider this a model of how we should behave in our professional lives

  22. I have to agree with Adam, though. Jim O’Donnell cares deeply about students he isn’t currently publicly calling ignorant and racist. I really want to win his award, so I was going to suggest picking out some of his students to demonize as ignorant violence-promoting racists in the national media as a way to encourage the educational process, but I’m afraid I would probably be disqualified for plagiarizing that from the Georgetown administration. Still, if I’m the only one offering a suggestion, do I automatically win his award? I can’t wait to fly back to DC so O’Donnell can present it to me!

    Enjoy your day off, kids! I now return to my crippling post-traumatic apathetic angst.

  23. I think this comment thread has produced about 10 contenders for comment of the week.

  24. So like… what do you do all day now, man? I think you’re more active on these blogs now than you were before you gradyatted. Not that we don’t love having you around now that youre a fancy alum and everything. Just curious, more than anything.

  25. Am I? I don’t think I’ve posted more than a couple times. But yeah, I should probably not check in here from time to time and go back to being distant and above the fray out here in the real world. But I have to admit to being intrigued about which bureaucrats are censuring me and the Heckler each week. They’ve never bothered to call or e-mail me about this, so this blog is the only way I find out.

    And of course, I’m always a fan of Jim O’Donnell humor, to go back on topic. These comments are grand.

  26. I feel like I’m reading out of O’Donnell’s diary…

  27. I appreciated his email. Its absolutely pathetic this school is closed today and his email at least leveled with student body in some way.

  28. Of course, it’s so easy for the Provost to encourage classes to be held, especially with administrative offices closed for the day. Anyone know if he showed up to work today? Did he encourage deans and other administrators to show up? A lot of students are getting screwed over with study abroad forms that need to be signed – I’m thankful that the division of overseas studies extended the deadline but it’s still going to be difficult to meet with deans and advisers once they come in.

  29. I completely agree. I’ve met the Provost a few times and know how much he cares about the academics at this school, and a “snow week” is going to wreak havoc in a lot of classes. While streets like Prospect show just how bad most of DC still is (seriously, cars are still getting stuck/spinning out three days after the snow…come on, DC), it still sucks that the school had to stay closed today too. Personally, I’m not looking forward to the onslaught of Blackboard-based assignments without any face time in classes… just sounds tedious to me.

  30. Chris: If it’s difficult to drive, above ground metro stations are closed, metrobuses are out of service, and GUTS can’t navigate most of the streets on the route (or park anywhere near the bus stops on local roads), how exactly do you recommend faculty and staff get to campus? Not everyone lives within walking distance like undergrads. And, if the University decides to do liberal leave (which means those who can make it show up, and those who can’t take vacation), a large majority of the staff would be forced to burn vacation days.

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