Snowlycow, another Snowpocalypse! A rundown of Georgetown in the snow

Flurries have been falling intermittently for the past hour, which means round two of this monstrous snow storm has officially begun. Current National Weather Service predictions for the next 24 hours are 7″-14″.

We’re not going to make a snow pun here (although Vox considered several: “The more you snow,” “Just snow you know,” etc.), but we want to give you an update of what we know about how the University and surrounding area have fared in the snow:

  • School: Georgetown University’s Main Campus, the Medical Center, the School of Medicine, the Law Center, and all locations of the School of Continuing Studies have been closed for the last two days, with emergency personnel, like Hospital Staff, DPS officers, Student Health Center workers, and student guards still expected to report for duty.

    University spokesperson Andy Pino cannot provide information right now about if and when Georgetown students will need to attend make-up classes. In an e-mail last night, Provost Jim O’Donnell alerted students to the possibility that professors can still choose to hold class, which some have done.

  • Food: Establishments like Wisey’s and The Tombs have remained open in spite of conditions. Many other Georgetown food establishments, however, were shuttered due to snow. Leo’s has remained open but is operating under weekend hours, Pino said. Leo’s has enough food to weather the impending second round of snow.

    Corp services have been operating normally, with some exceptions, like MUG’s closure, and The Corp stocked up on supplies before the storm. However, at the beginning of the week, some daily deliveries were jeopardized by road conditions. “Many coffee shop deliveries, like bagels, muffins, and milk, come early in the day on a near-daily basis [and many] of these have been delayed or canceled in the past couple of days,” Corp CEO Brad Glasser (COL ’11) wrote in an e-mail on Monday. Today, he said deliveries had normalized.

  • Plowing: Above is a time-lapse map generated by the District Department of Transportation showing which roads the City has plowed since Sunday. As you can see, with a few exceptions, only major thoroughfares have gotten much attention. This morning, WTOP reported that a quarter of the City’s snowplows are out of commission. D.C. listservs reported several area road closures in the past few days, but roads are beginning to look better and the City has kept roads near the Georgetown Hospital pretty well maintained.
  • Shoveling and the neighborhood: DCRA has begun ticketing houses with unshoveled sidewalks. Vox has to hand it to Georgetown, the sidewalks on campus are comparatively clearer than they are in West Georgetown and Burleith. To help continue to keep things clear on campus, particularly for disabled students or employees, the Georgetown University Student Association has organized the “Keep Georgetown Accessible SHOVEL RALLY” on Thursday, starting at 11:30 a.m. in Healy Circle.

    Meanwhile, the georgetownforum listserv is lit with complaints from neighborhood residents that their neighbors—student and adult alike—are neglecting their civic shoveling duties, and that the city was not plowing their sidestreets.

    From one resident:”Had to go to the bank on Wisconsin from 36th St./O St., risking life and limb. Needless to say as some of you have already stated some houses and group housing sidewalks were not shovelled, so had to go to the middle of the road at times. One excuse of a resident on O Street was the owners were out of town! Does that mean you abandon your property just because you are out of town for the winter? As for the group houses, there is absolutely excuse for these able bodied young men and women.”

    From another: “Do clean sidewalks.  DCRA is out ticketing. And for the record –the vast majority of houses in Gtown belong to very wealthy people. Don’t blame the students.  Sure they should do better, but so should everyone.”

  • Birds—yes, birds: But the most bizarre thread appeared on the Burleith listserv, in which a resident encouraged her neighbors to put out birdseed, millet, or sunflower seeds for birds whose food sources may have disappeared under the snow. Even that was controversial:

    “I hate to bring this up, but birdseed also attracts rats, which I am sure (or at least hope) are also suffering from the lack of their normal food sources. If you know there are rats in your area you may want to think twice before spreading seed, or at least think carefully about where to put it,” wrote one resident.

    Another replied, “I just went to my bird seed store (Sangamore Mall, along McArthur Blvd) and asked about feed for the robins, who are the most dependent on open ground without frost. At the moment they are eating the holly berries. There is no specific food for them, although they do need water. If you have any dried berries or fruits, soak them in water first before putting them out for the robins. Bird food put out above ground on tables or feeders is mostly eaten by nightfall. I put out black oil sunflower and shelled peanuts (birdfeed) peanuts. I’m also putting out some mixed seed for the white-throated sparrows we have – which are a migratory species. If you have a suet cake that can be hung on a tree or fence, the woodpeckers would like that. We do have hawks in Burleith, one of which was seen recently to take a rat. As is likely, we may have our garbage cans full and out in the alleys for a week or two. A number of them don’t seem to have lids .So the rats, and the hawks, may do well. Don’t stint the birds on their account.”

    Who knew they knew so much about how to feed birds?

Voice news will have a lot more on Thursday—hopefully by then we’ll be able to tell you if and when we’re going to have to make up for the class we missed.

And if you’ve got a burning question about some aspect of University life in the snow, let us know in the comments section, and Vox will either try to reply or have the answer in Thursday’s news article.

10 Comments on “Snowlycow, another Snowpocalypse! A rundown of Georgetown in the snow

  1. Did anyone notice how on Monday that Alfred Hitchcock’s prediction was alive and well in the area between New South and Village C? There were maybe 200 birds there flying around.

  2. Howard University, DC public schools, and all the VA public schools closed tomorrow already. What’s next?

  3. Did anyone else find it problematic the university would announce it was canceling main campus classes, only to later have the provost send out an e-mail saying some professors would still be holding class? What’s the message here? Pick a decision and go with it, don’t leave me unclear about whether or not I am going to have to try to commute in to campus.

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  5. Any places delivering (Ledo’s, Bangkok Bistro, Philly P’s)?

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