Twuesday Tweetacular: #snOMG, #SnowpocalpyseNowRedux, #Clusterflake…

This week, everyone was talking about the snow. Joe Curran provided Vox‘s favorite description of the District post-Snowpocalypse.

Jen Calantone arranged a special diet for the weekend…

…While D.C. seemed to be arranging for special transportation, according to the Voice‘s John Cooke.

Nick A. tried to predict the snow’s effect on Georgetown students.

Christina Ventura thought Georgetown University’s snow day alert was a little bit #Snowverkill.

Jessica Hood celebrated the snow day exuberantly.

Julie Alcarez had big plans for the blizzard.

Nneka Jackson wanted to thank Georgetown maintenance workers for working hard to keep the sidewalks clear.

2 Comments on “Twuesday Tweetacular: #snOMG, #SnowpocalpyseNowRedux, #Clusterflake…

  1. @Nneka

    Much respect, walking from Burleith through campus, it was two entirely different worlds. A world of icy pain, versus stairs that didn’t want to kill me.

  2. Stalingrad was renamed Volgograd in 1961, so there was no Stalingrad circa 1986

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