We Are Georgetown and You’re Not: Providence Edition

This year, Vox is taking a page from Deadspin and New York’s books and giving you a guide for rooting against each of the Hoyas’ Big East opponents. In preparation for tonight’s game against Providence, here are three reasons to hate the Friars:

The Providence Friar

It’s been a while since “We Are Georgetown” has attacked a school’s mascot, but as you can see, the Providence Friar is too good to pass up. For much of its history, Providence had the good sense to simply use a live dalmatian as a mascot. Chosen because Dominican friars are apparently are the “watchdogs of the Lord,” Providence could have done a lot worse with a mascot. Certainly Georgetown knows that you can’t go wrong with a dog mascot when your team has a strange nickname.

But when Friar Boy V, the most recent dalmatian, died in 2001, Providence introduced this current monstrosity. Not only does the Friar look ridiculous, but he wins the prize for creepiest mascot in the Big East. Pictures don’t even do him justice—when you see him in person the Friar’s oversized head, ghost-like white robes, and gaping mouth make it look like he is going to devour the children he is supposed to be entertaining.

Court Storming

Losers of five of their last six, Providence is a team in a downward spiral, and it is not difficult to imagine a dramatic victory over the No. 7 Hoyas would cause Friars fans to rush the court at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center. Sure the Friars have a successful past, but it has been over 20 years since they went to the Final Four and six since they even got to the Big Dance. Providence fans certainly aren’t reluctant to get on the hardwood—they stormed the court after last year’s upset of No. 1 Pittsburgh, and this current Friars squad is appreciably worse than last season’s. Of course, maybe Georgetown should not be so concerned about Providence students storming the court. After Jeff Xavier’s brother came on the court last season, the Hoyas have to be wary of the Friars’ friends and family. After committing a hard foul, Greg Monroe shouldn’t have to worry about Sharaud Curry’s little sister or Jamine Peterson’s cousin.

Jamine Peterson

Peterson qualifies for this hatefest because he is Providence’s best player and there’s not much else interesting about the Friars. With that being said, Peterson has established himself as a legitimate threat both to post a double-double (18.7 points and 10.1 rebounds per game) and to posterize someone with a monster dunk. The 6-foot-6 forward may not be the most physically intimidating player, but if there’s anything the Hoyas should be concerned about, it’s that he’s something of an unknown quantity. Peterson, who is nicknamed “Greedy,” redshirted last season, so Austin Freeman is the only current Hoya to have actually played a game against him. The most important thing for the Hoyas to learn about Greedy? Watch out for his elbows.

One Comment on “We Are Georgetown and You’re Not: Providence Edition

  1. I’ll give the Friar credit though, he’s a better shooter than most of that team. Last time we played at the Dunk, he was making 3s with his eyes closed.

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