Georgetown University will be closed on Thursday, February 11


CURRENT STATUS: CLOSED (effective for February 10, 2010) Georgetown University is closed on Wednesday, February 10, 2010, and will remain closed on Thursday, February 11, 2010.”

6 Comments on “Georgetown University will be closed on Thursday, February 11

  1. Still waiting on the follow-up email telling me how I can claim my refund for a week’s worth of tuition and meals.

  2. Hey Kids, it’s your friend Chad here with a couple of hints on how to survive “Snowday, snowhow, gonna make it all right but not right now” 2010:

    1. Make sure all of your Nickelback CD’s are loaded onto your mp3 player. You’re going to need all the Nickelback you can get if you are to escape cabin fever. This is especially important to do before your power goes out.
    2. Stock up on maple syrup. It can survive any temperature, contains lifegiving sugar, and comes in a convenient glass case.
    3. Take advantage of the confusion and break into the school. Do it a thousand times, but only get caught twice. Form Grammy-nominated Canadian hard rock band, bleach your hair, make millions, drink chocolate milk every night until you pass out from sadness, give a call to Todd Olson for comfort.


    P.S. COTS (Check out this sh*t)

  3. Monday classes? Bullshit. What about those of us with travel plans?

  4. Why give a refund when we can just make up classes during holidays?

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