Vox‘s Candidate Survey: Former GUSA contenders Roscitt and McGeehin

Brian Roscitt (MSB ’11) and William McGeehin (MSB ’11) may have dropped out of the race for GUSA President and Vice President, but not before they answered Vox‘s annual GUSA Candidate Survey.

This year, we’re asking candidates things like what they think of club funding reform, how the University has handled the 2010 Campus Plan, and how they’d evaluate President Calen Angert (MSB ’11) and Vice President Jason Kluger’s (MSB ’11) time in office. (Or in Angert and Kluger’s case, their own time in office).

Here’s what Roscitt and McGeehin had to say:

Thanks for taking the time to consider our ideas.

The question driving our campaign is whether Georgetown is ready for the solution instead of being part of the problem. We hope that Georgetown is ready. In a sneak peak of our platform, we would like to offer a few solutions:

1. No more fires in freshman dorms

2. Amazon Kindles > Textbooks = More money for students

3. No more guns for freshman at Midnight Madness

4. A Wendy’s and Waffle House located in the Leavey Center/and or Hariri Building

5. More Blizzards

6. Helicopters.

I hope this is helpful in considering our campaign. Please let us know if you have any more questions.


Brian Roscitt and William H. McGeehin

Asked whether Vox could still run their survey answers now that they had exited the race, Roscitt revealed the depth of their convictions.

“[T]hat sounds good. We just don’t want anyone to think we’re actually running/take us seriously,” he wrote in an e-mail. “However, we still do steadfastly stand behind our ideas and platform.”

It was a bold vision while it lasted.

4 Comments on “Vox‘s Candidate Survey: Former GUSA contenders Roscitt and McGeehin

  1. Those guys are definitely still running.

    I’d like to further reveal another point on the Roscitt/McGeehin platform

    7. Free ice cream.

  2. Best campaign ever…

    There are a lot of candidates running for GUSA. But only Tom Karwacki and Jake Farrar will…

    Fight for your right to party

    Put Out

    Expand the student section at basketball games… by force

    Kick Ass / Take Names

    Replace the Male Cheerleader with the Party Gorilla

    Stick it to the Man, Fuck the Police, AND Hate on Whitey

    Make Foxy Boxing a Club Sport

    Work to execute a swap strategy for Georgetown debt so as to be able to access cash flows from fixed rate debt as a hedge against low interest rates

    Unpop the collar of the douchebag who sits two rows ahead of you in econ

    Bring kegs back to Healy Lawn because drinking is an integral part of our native culture, history, and identity

    Lower the drinking age to 20 and a 1/2 – because the last 6 months are the most difficult

    Be your wingman

    Reciprocate on all high fives because its unconstitutional to leave a brother hanging

    Support Bear Rights

    Wrestle an alligator (you provide alligator)

    End the Writer’s Strike (Update: 2/12/08 – We did it.)

    Support the Corp’s right to sell alcohol

    Institute a don’t ask/don’t tell policy on marijuana

  3. I see no mention of Nickelback in the Roscitt/McGeehin platform. No wonder they failed. My endorsement still needs a worthy candidate.

    Until then, I am faithfully yours,


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