This Week’s Issue: Prime Chimes

We know you think you should spend this fourth day off doing work. OK—but at least procrastinate with the Voice a little bit.

In Features, Tim Shine profiles the Chimes, the oldest a cappella group at Georgetown.”What’s striking about the stories the Chimes tell is how often music and singing remain the core of the experience,” he writes. “With all their talk of fraternity and brotherhood, the fact can almost get lost that the Chimes are Georgetown’s most accomplished a cappella group. These men, as close as they have become, came together ultimately for one reason: to sing.”

The Voice Editorial Board thinks that if the D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment shuts down Philly Pizza next week, they’ll be well justified.

In News, the GUSA candidates for President begin to lay out their agendas.

Sports has analysis of why Chris Wright is the leader of the pack among the Hoyas.

Leisure sat down with comedian Daniel Tosh to talk about sex changes and Rush Limbaugh.

And Nathan Hochstetler explains why hosting parties is the pits in Voices.

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