Georgetown Cupcake reality show, Cupcake Sisters, starts filming

Update 12:19 p.m.: Commenters are right—Vox took a walk down to Georgetown Cupcake and there are camera crews there already. But Vox thinks it may be a stretch to call this a reality show the same caliber as, say, Real World—owners Kallinis and LaMontagne are being asked to repeat their conversations several times before the cameras.

Want to be on TV? You could be, if you hang out at Georgetown Cupcake in the next couple of weeks. Local resident Carol Joynt is reporting on her blog that the Georgetown Cupcake reality show starts filming this Saturday.

“This is no Real Housewives type of production. Instead of boob jobs, cleavage, French manicures and bitch slaps, it will be buttercream icing, the secrets behind a great red velvet, the importance of one shredded coconut vs. another, and how to please all those brides,” wrote Joynt, who has been in contact with Georgetown Cupcake owners and sisters Katherine Kallinis and Sophie LaMontagne. Sounds awesome.

When Vox caught wind of the show earlier this month, we couldn’t confirm a network or name for the show. Joynt’s got both—TLC, home of Cake Boss, is producing the show, which is called Cupcake Sisters

Fine, but we still like Georgetown Cupcake: Unfrosted.

Photo from Flickr user mastermaq used under a Creative Commons license.

2 Comments on “Georgetown Cupcake reality show, Cupcake Sisters, starts filming

  1. I think it has actually already started filming. We were walking along M Street last night and noticed that the lighting within Georgtown Cupcake was very bright and had an unusual hue. When we got closer we observed a camera crew filming – it was TV lighting.

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