Comments of the Week: You guys didn’t get any work done, did you?

This may shock you, but with arctic weather conditions and no school for four days, readers posted an astounding number of comments on Vox this past week. (Even Hitler spent a day futzing around on the blog in his boxers).

For starters, students chafed at Provost James O’Donnell’s suggestion that professors find creative ways to continue teaching through the snow. CF said:

I don’t know what was more moving, google’s super bowl ad or Provost O’Donnells heartfelt email of encouragement

ATalbot said:

“I think the Provost’s heart is in the right place. He clearly cares passionately about his school and his students and I think it’s really good to see him engaging students in the comments.”

@Jim O’Donnell said:

“Dear Provost O’Donnell,

“I commend you for discovering the rich, rewarding nuance of texting abbreviations. Why not sprinkle your otherwise forgettable e-mails with the following (I include quotations from your previous e-mails to show how you can utilize the plebian dialect of the student body):

“- 2EZ: Too Easy: After considerable discussion and consultation involving individual students, faculty members, the Council of Associate Deans, and the Main Campus Executive Faculty (2EZ!!!!!)
– LOLO: Lots of Love: With best wishes as the semester comes to a close (+LOLO<3<3<3),
– 420: Marijuana: I invite you to join us as we celebrate [Georgetown Day] with food, festivities, (420) and friends.
– LTLWDLS: Let’s Twist like we did last summer: Working together, we can create a community that maximizes the blessings of diversity. (So LTWDLS!!!!)

“And perhaps you, like I, should omit the nonsense “Best Wishes” and simply bid farewell by saying,

“LMIRL (Let’s Meet in Real Life) [you know, for an f2f],

“L. Bay
P.S.: U R 7K *w*”

People had a lot of abusive words to share about the Provost’s announcement that Monday would be a liberal leave day, too. L. said:

“What a joke. How can he do that in good conscience to students who already bought train and plane tickets home? What does he expect them to do? Oh, wait. We can spend our family time sitting on Skype with our professors and classes instead.”

Jack said:

“Good news guys! Just send your travel receipts over to:

“Office of the Provost
Box 571014 650 ICC
37th & O St., NW, Washington, DC 20057

“Georgetown will be willing to pay for cancellation/rescheduling of tickets! In fact, I hear Mr. O’Donnell will be paying for our flights out of his $332,500 salary!”

And 432543 said:

“Eh. People are going to bitch no matter what. If they took away a reading day, I imagine the outcry would be about the same.

“By the way, that Facebook group currently has over 1,400 members. I understand that having to change tickets is expensive and inconvenient, and those people have a legitimate complaint. But I don’t think over 1,400 people (or however many end up joining the group) were going to be traveling on Monday. A fair number of people are just complaining, as usual.”

Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger had advice for Georgetown students when he heard school was going to be closed on Thursday:

“Hey Kids, it’s your friend Chad here with a couple of hints on how to survive “Snowday, snowhow, gonna make it all right but not right now” 2010:

“1. Make sure all of your Nickelback CD’s are loaded onto your mp3 player. You’re going to need all the Nickelback you can get if you are to escape cabin fever. This is especially important to do before your power goes out.
2. Stock up on maple syrup. It can survive any temperature, contains lifegiving sugar, and comes in a convenient glass case.
3. Take advantage of the confusion and break into the school. Do it a thousand times, but only get caught twice. Form Grammy-nominated Canadian hard rock band, bleach your hair, make millions, drink chocolate milk every night until you pass out from sadness, give a call to Todd Olson for comfort.


The voice hates happiness ragged on the Voice Ed Board for their editorial in support of shutting down Philly Pizza:

“i’m sick of the voice ed board. they have only the ability to hate. on everything.

“next up: apple pie and warm towels.”

And there were lots of hard feelings after GWU students crushed Georgetown in an interschool snowball fight. Alum said:

“Does this mean they’ll stop bugging us to play them in basketball? It was like all of GW got together and collectively decided to enact their vindication on the school up the road. And say what you will about the fact that at the EXACT same time Provost O’Donnell was busy rescheduling make-up classes, the GW Prez was, literally, chasing after Georgetown freshmen fleeing down M Street. At the end of the day, admissions and USNews ratings and Top 25 basketball be damned, because GW’s Steven Knapp just pelted Jane Hoya in the FACE!”

From My God…:

“Not even the younglings survived.”

2 Comments on “Comments of the Week: You guys didn’t get any work done, did you?

  1. To the editor,

    This is Chad Kroeger of Canadian mall-rock band Nickelback. I just have a clarifying question. How many Grammy nominations, multi-platinum albums, and Juno awards do I have to receive just to get in before the jump on Comments of the Week? I have worked too damn hard for too many years to go behind that chucklehead ATalbot. When I see Comments of the Week, I want to see Chad Kroeger dead center (preferably without my shirt on). See if I play for GPB’s Spring Concert now (they’ve already asked me, luckily I didn’t answer before this travesty). Somebody should be fired for this, and I don’t want to hear Vox say “Someday, somehow, gonna make it all right but not right now.” I am waiting for you to say sorey about this ootrageous incident and am willing to meet f2f.

    Yours in artistic brotherhood,


  2. Whoever is having this much fun making fun of Nickelback knows FAR too many Nickelback lyrics. I think we’ve got ourselves a closet fan.

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