Remix Your Weekend: Radio Vampire, The White Panda + The Kleptones

As the snow keeps me holed up in my lovely apartment, gripping the last remnants of my waining sanity, I’ve found a couple great upbeat and downbeat mash-ups and remixes for us all to enjoy.

The first couple mash-ups are from the mysterious Radio Vampiro, a Mexican DJ collective (I couldn’t find much else out). The first, in the long line of Ratatat remixes, is Ratatat and Cypress Hill coming together to make a great, yet simple, mash. The second mash from Vampiro is admittedly a little worse, but nonetheless worth mentioning: a Kanye West/Amy Winehouse track entitled, “You Know Diamonds are Forever.” I couldn’t find much information about this group, so who knows if they will keep releasing tracks. Really who cares though? No-matter what, the Ratatat mash is pretty sweet, if a little overdone.

Next we have another The White Panda track, a sweet combo of The Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic” and an Alphabet song from their recently released Verses. I’m not a huge fan of some of their mash-ups, the Ke-money-ha and Owl City tracks are sub-par at best. But the Beastie/Alphabet mash is pretty superb. People would be surprised how hard it is to mash “Intergalactic,” and Panda does it seamlessly. You can check out the rest of the CD here, and make your own conclusions.

Finally, some mellow tracks from rising stars The Kleptones. This DJ/mash-up collective out of Brighton has been around for some time, releasing their first internet-only album in 2003. Since then, DJ Eric Kleptone, a member of the collective, has been producing on a pretty regular schedule, and sticking it to the man the only way mash-DJs know how: mashing. A lot of his mashes won’t be for everybody, as they incorporate movie quotes from time to time. Regardless, a lot of them are good for chilling with friends, most notably “Stay.” This song incorporates a slowed version of The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Maps” which would be good for a “Sleepy Time” iTunes playlist. His whole Uptime/Downtime CD can be downloaded here.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy the snow!

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