Vox‘s GUSA Candidate Survey: Arman Ismail and Tucker Stafford

It’s that time of year again. Vox has sent the 2010 version of its annual Georgetown University Student Association Candidate Survey to each of the four Presidential and Vice Presidential hopefuls and we’re posting their (usually long-winded) responses as we receive them.

This year, we’re asking candidates things like what they think of club funding reform, how the University has handled the 2010 Campus Plan, and how they’d evaluate President Calen Angert (MSB ‘11) and Vice President Jason Kluger’s (MSB ‘11) time in office. (Or in Angert and Kluger’s case, their own time in office).

Up today is current Senator Arman Ismail (COL ’11) and running mate Tucker Stafford (COL ‘12). NB, they have declined to answer “How would you characterize Angert’s time in office?”

What are three things you’d try to accomplish as GUSA execs?

One of the issues that we plan to address is the transparency of GUSA. In putting together this campaign, we discovered just how hard it is to get important information from GUSA. Sometimes it is impossible for us to get the information we need, and when we get information we need it is sometimes so complex that it is hard to interpret. We plan on not only making it possible for a student to get a hold of any GUSA paperwork but also to be able to understand it. We will simplify the information coming out of GUSA (particularly with budgeting) so that students can know where their money is going.

We also plan to make the students’ experience at Leo’s a better one. We will take measures to pressure Leo’s to ensure that there are enough utensils for everyone. In addition we will address the concerns of those who have medical or religious dietary restrictions. Sometimes food is not labeled properly, so some students are unsure what is in their food. We will ensure that all food in Leo’s is marked properly.

Lastly, we plan on moving Georgetown to its roots in the Jesuit spirit of service that our school was founded on. We plan on doing this by working with some groups of students who have needs that have not been addressed. For example, we plan on working with Hoya Veterans to ensure that they have the resources they need and pushing to make our campus more accessible for students who use wheelchairs.

What qualifies you to be GUSA’s next President and Vice President?

Arman is the only sitting GUSA Senator running for President. He currently serves as chair of the Community Building, Outreach, and Fundraising Committee and is not afraid to go against the status quo in GUSA. He has addressed the needs of students many times in his senatorial career, with the most well known example being the rats issue. Arman has the experience within GUSA that will ensure that he will be able to work with the Senate if he is elected.

Tucker has a fresh perspective outside of GUSA’s walls that is built on heavy involvement in extracurricular activities. His involvement in football, lacrosse, and with the Student Athlete Advisory Committee of the NCAA will bring a different perspective to the Executive. As Vice President, he will be able to assist GUSA in ensuring that GUSA keeps the students first. With the combination of Arman’s experience in GUSA and Tucker’s experience in Georgetown extracurriculars, our ticket will be able to cover all of the bases in the Executive.

If GUSA had unbridled control of all things Georgetown, what’s the first thing you would change?

We would expand the campus and bring Georgetown bastketball, baseball, field hockey, track, and other sports back to Georgetown. We would construct a new athletics facility for school teams and intramural teams. Part of this would include an expansion of the Yates Field House. This would help unify Georgetown and ensure that our facilities are second to none.

How do you feel about GUSA’s changes to the Georgetown club funding process?

We support funding reform that makes the process of allocating student activities fees more effective, but in a manner that is not adversarial or alienating toward the advisory board communities and clubs. Even though doing so went against the grain of many other senators, Arman proposed tabling the issue when it was being debated in the Senate in an effort to make sure that the reform needed was not rushed.

How would you evaluate the way the University has handled the planning of the 2010 Campus Master Plan?

We plan to work with President DeGioia and University officials to ensure that a fair and balanced 2010 Master Plan is executed. Of course, this plan is not without some controversy. Some have raised concerns about the rerouting of GUTS bus routes, for example. We plan on ensuring that the lines of communication are maintained between the planners, GUSA, and the student body so that all issues are resolved fairly. In addition we plan on addressing the concerns of the Citizen’s Association and other Georgetown community groups to ensure that students are treated fairly by neighbors and vice-versa.

9 Comments on “Vox‘s GUSA Candidate Survey: Arman Ismail and Tucker Stafford

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  2. Thank you for those complete non-answers. I may not be a GUSA person, but I am nonetheless carefully considering who to vote for. Future candidates, please take the time to actually formulate opinions on issues.

  3. That’s definitely not who is getting my vote. I also quit the “Hoyas Against Rats” group because I was sick of getting campaign messages from this ticket through that group.

  4. Funniest part of these “no answer” responses was: “We will take measures to pressure Leo’s to ensure that there are enough utensils for everyone.”

    In all my time at Georgetown I have yet to eat a meal without a fork or spoon. Sure, sometimes I have to walk across the room to get one but I do not eat my meals with my hands. I want to thank them for making me laugh this hard. I’m still not voting for them though. Tucker has no experience in GUSA. I can just see it…someone speaks out of turn only to get tackled by Tucker. Good way to run student government from a fresh perspective.

  5. hmm… the number of times i’ve had to wait for at least 20 mins. for a fork at dinner or a spoon at breakfast… that’s just plain wrong. it seems as if no one even cares to complain or make it known that leo’s doesn’t have enough utensils. and what about the number of times the dishwashers have malfunctioned????? i think these are simple problems that should easily be fixed, and it’s sad that it has to become a campaign issue. thanks ismail for at least bringing it up…

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