“Believe 2010,” GUSA candidates Ismail and Stafford’s campaign video

If GUSA presidential election season were like the Christmas season—and it’s not—GUSA candidate surveys would be like family togetherness, and GUSA campaign videos would be like presents. The former are nice, the latter, delightful.

Nothing will ever meet the awesomeness of former GUSA executives Ben Shaw (COL ’08) and Matt Appenfeller’s (COL ’08) “Vote in a Box” video or the goofiness of David Dietz (COL ‘10) and Tyler Stone’s (COL ‘09) “GEORGET OWN IT“, but we’re amused nonetheless by Arman Ismail (COL ’11) and Tucker Stafford’s (COL ’12) “Believe 2010.” Vox hopes there are more videos to come.

BONUS VIDEO: Presidential candidate Arman Ismail does an impression of Heath Ledger’s Joker. Thanks to Matt Stoller (COL ’08).

37 Comments on ““Believe 2010,” GUSA candidates Ismail and Stafford’s campaign video

  1. Wagner has a video out on his website.

    2:39 Mark: Girl who says “We are Georgetown” is wearing a BU t-shirt?

    Also, yes, Vote in a Box will never be topped.

  2. wasn’t DW Cartier’s video a couple years ago forced to be taken down because it had shots of Jack the Bulldog?

    Also isn’t it super expensive to buy the rights to use a Coldplay song? I thought these guys had a campaign budget…

  3. I am now going to vote for Arman because he has the support of someone who is a Government AND Spanish Major, WITH A LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES MINOR (ITS LIKE SEEING A UNICORN!)

  4. This is an awesome video! It’s a refreshing change from the usual rip-offs of raps or pop songs that every GUSA campaign video always is. I’m also impressed how this ticket has support from so many different kinds of students and they have THE BASKETBALL GUYS!!!!!! I bet the other candidates are gonna try to get the Basketball guys and who knows who else now, well these guys pulled it off first. This ticket has my vote for sure.

  5. Pretty neat video, better than the horrible rap from the wagner campaign…. candidates need to be creative and stop making rap videos for campaigning.

  6. Love the video! New different and not that shit rap video from wagners campaign. Glad to be their supporter and look forward to a good change for the school and GUSA. Ismail-Stafford feb 23rd baby

  7. If you are going to attack me at least spell my name right asshole. People who write on these blogs need to stop being hypocrites. Let me also say that this is by far the best campaign video of this semester. Props to the maker. Its much better than Wagner’s “trying to be ghetto” rap.

  8. Wow thanks for taking the time to respond. I know it must be difficult to do so, what with the massive workload you’ve taken on, especially without ANY RESPECT (from whom btw? That was never clear, are there people throwing garbage at LAS minors as they walk around campus? Does your dean just chuckle when you mention that program?). BTW maybe you’d get some respect if your LAS minor didn’t overlap with both your other fields of study. Way to go, you take one course, then a capstone course and get a certificate. RESPECT EARNED.

    I will agree props to the maker. Except for when Juju grabs his crotch as he speaks. That was a little awkward.

  9. DW’s campaign video (2 years ago) was taken down because Jack the Bulldog was in the video and because Jack is property of the University, having Jack in this video is more or less insinuating that the University endorses Arman’s campaign. Therefore, this video should be taken down immediately.

    Furthermore, does anyone know how much it cost to license a song from Coldplay? Certainly more than the $300 campaign budget. The legal limit for using a musical recording is 30 seconds. Coldplay’s song goes on for much more than 30 seconds. Therefor, this video suggests that Arman and Tucker violated campaign laws by going over their budget.

    Either Arman should remove this video or be disqualified from the race.

  10. Ummmm: Were you shaking when you typed that? Settle down. No one cares

  11. Haha, enjoy EMI taking your video off Youtube or muting the video. And great job breaking campaign rules by using Jack. Seriously, you really think your campaign has any chance to beat the obvious front runner Wagner or the incumbent Angert? Get real.

  12. Yeah, why challenge an incumbency? That’s not what democracy is for. Viva la status quo.

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  14. since everyone hates GUSA… wouldnt it make sense to vote for Ismail? Isn’t he the only one who is actually going to give a damn about changing it?

    If you think GUSA sucks, you should vote for Ismail. If not, you really have no right to whine about how crappy GUSA is all the time

  15. So I’m waiting for Father Steck’s missive against these two candidates for using Jack.

    Because, frankly, hypocrisy is unbecoming of a Jesuit.

  16. I’m all for people like Arman running to change GUSA and the school for the better, but the idea that there is a “right candidate” if you’re dissatisfied with how GUSA currently operates is absurd. It makes sense not to favor the incumbent if you don’t like what you currently see, but it definitely makes sense to combine that with taking 10 minutes and reading about all of your options if you want more from GUSA.

  17. @Jean Da

    Way to be racist on the Voice blog, you people have to attack the minorities when you feel challenged. I would like to know what your field of study is since you seem so be saying that someone is lazy for taking 2 majors and a minor that overlap. Isn’t that actually better since the person will actually remember and learn things well?

    Wagner and Emmanuel represent laziness. Emmanuel NEVER came to any of the senate meetings and Wagner didn’t even join GUSA this year. People are attacking Ismail cause he’s brown. If he were white he’d have all of Wagner’s support.

    BTW, it was so creative of Wagner to get a “black running mate” and act ghetto in the video to try to get the black minority.

    2 things: 1-your dipshit comments just pushed away the Latin community [portion of comment removed by editor], 2-You lost the black community as soon as you tried “acting ghetto” in your lame ass dance.

  18. @Thom Yorke

    who are you to say who can win and who can’t? I bet your a fucking Nazi that can’t bear to see the minorities take over GUSA and improve it.

    Jason & Calin represent the GUSA we all know and hate.

    Wagner & Emmanuel represent the GUSA we never want to see. (A GUSA that runs out of money and seriousness)

    This kid represents a new future: he’s funny, smart, and has a wide variety of friends from around the world.

    All Wagner has are drunk people that go to Emmanuel’s town house and DRINK. Emmanuel please stop lying about having to leave GUSA for financial reasons. I came to all your parties and saw you before and after the GUSA meetings (you were wasting time.) Instead of buying 4 kegs and tons of alcohol you could have been a) paying your tuition b) attending the GUSA meetings c) proving your seriousness.


  19. @Arielle:

    Shut up. I can’t believe I’m even bothering to respond to your garbage considering you make the stupid accusation that I’m a Nazi in the second sentence of your post. FYI, as a Briton by birth (Northhamptonshire REPRESENTIN’), I hate Germans and everything that emanates from that sausage eating confederation. When was the last time a German band released a politically cynical album that has all of Pitchfork and the Voice Leisure Section jizzing their pants? Thought so.

    Fortunately, my band has some downtime since we just wrapped up an awesome tour of Asia. By the way, Japan is like the superior Germany. It’s a shame they got caught up with those Nazi arseholes when they could’ve done so much better tag teaming it up with the U.K. Baybay! We would’ve pissed all over those Germans.

    Anyways, back to your dumb post. Angert rules, Wagner drools, and Arman really is a third class candidate who is better of warming the bench than actually taking charge. Seriously, you expect to win votes acting like the Joker? Take a lesson from the champ: people don’t buy your albums and kiss your ass unless you take yourself very seriously, like we did on OK Computer. Did we joke around that stuff? Hell no, serious as can be. Seriously, listen to Karma Police and try not to slit your wrists afterwards. It can’t be done.

  20. Did either of you go to the debate tonight?

    If not, it’s on the online web archive through GU-SPAN that every GUSA meeting is on. At least watch it before you insult me personally.

    And @Arielle. Believe me, if there’s ever been a comment made about seriousness in reference to me, it’s definitely not that I am lacking for it. I’ve been guilty of the opposite for sure, but to suggest such off-base personal things about me and about Emmanuel clearly shows that you’ve never interacted with either of us for even a second. Emmanuel and I don’t even really have overlapping social groups. It’s tough to see exactly what motivated your juvenile and grammatically-unimpressive hostility, but let’s keep it classy here. I’m sure Arman would encourage you to have at very least some respect for the people going through this arduous process alongside him.

    A human being too,


  21. @Thom Yorke. Please stop insulting & belittling Arman & Matt. I’m still undecided, but that kind of dismissive attitude you have toward them doesn’t make me want to vote for your guy if that’s the kind of attitude his supporters have.

  22. I’m with Matt, I know for a fact that Arman and (sigh) at least most of his supporters do want to keep things honorable, which is not served by name calling or accusations of racism. Criticism is fine but lets do Georgetown proud with the way we react, even in an anonymous online setting. I do think, however, that it was a little unnecessary to call @arielle’s post “gramatically unimpressive.” seems like thats just more of the same desire to get in your last word.

  23. @ Peter Kolb: I agree. I haven’t made up my mind on who to vote for yet, but I like how the Arman/Tucker campaign hasn’t been involved in all this mudslinging and nasty back & forth attacks that the Angert & Wagner campaigns have been involved with. The recent allegations of racism involving that Angert supporter Chris Pigot (spelling?) that the Voice reported on makes things even worse. This stuff coming out of the Angert & Wagner campaigns have muddied what could have been a clean election…

  24. @Thom Yorke: Hello? You clearly weren’t at last night’s debate b/c if you were you’d know there’s nothing “Third rate” about Arman’s candidacy. He was really impressive at the debate. I’d like to see you speak half as good as he did. And I didn’t even know much about Arman till last night but tons of people I talked to in the audience were equally as impressed with him as I was. So quit insulting good candidates, will you? You have no idea how many people you turn off from GUSA stuff when you make comments like that.

  25. I wasn’t there. I THINK ARMAN A SCUM and an an angry brown!!!

  26. First off, stop impersonating people. (2) HOW DARE YOU USE SUCH RACIAL LANGUAGE AGAINST ARMAN. I watched the debate and think he’s very down to earth. You shouldn’t judge people based on race: I thought people at georgetown were better than this.


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  29. Wait, when did Nazi become a perjorative term? I’m sure arielle just admires the efficiency in the way that they took over a country with limited public support and then consolidated power. I mean, a fringe political party were opportunistic enough to take advantage of a historically bad economic climate and exploited some of the ugliest of human emotions and rode that wave of success until they had practically conquered Europe. That is sort of impressive, in a terrifying sort of way.

    Did you just call “Thom Yorke” a Nazi? He is clearly just messing about and doesn’t seem to have a horse in this race. He’s a cynical fan who seems to resent every major candidacy being discussed here.

    But in (not quite) total seriousness, anyone who made a racist comment is a sack of shit and I hope you end up in federal pound me in the ass prison for some greedy white collar crime ten years down the road.

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