“Damn it Feels Good to be a Hoya”: Wagner and Hampton’s GUSA campaign video

Arman Ismail (COL ‘11) and Tucker Stafford’s (COL ‘12) aren’t the only GUSA candidates with a seriously entertaining campaign video—candidates Matt Wagner (SFS ’11) and Emmanuel Hampton (COL ’11) have been busy too. And yeah, theirs is a rap.

Complete with backup dancers, abrupt cutaways around campus, and an awkwardly jiving Wagner, “Damn it Feels Good to be a Hoya” video pretty much made our day. We’re not going to say much else—just that we’re pleasantly surprised by the video quality.

28 Comments on ““Damn it Feels Good to be a Hoya”: Wagner and Hampton’s GUSA campaign video

  1.  by  Fact Checker

    They’re not really in Riggs (just like they’re not standing outside in the snow in front of Lauinger or in Red Square – note how the people walking by take no notice of two guys dancing in the snow in sports jackets). They’ve taken an existing photo of Riggs and superimposed themselves into it.

  2.  by  @ Fact Checker

    then explain 2:13 when he throws a book between floors. Did they superimpose the flying book too?

  3.  by  Will Sommer

    I might believe you on the Red Square one, Factchecker, but Riggs looks real. How else would they get behind the railing?

  4.  by  Matt Wagner

    One: No, we didn’t superimpose ourselves anywhere. We really did shoot out in all those places. But I’m sure Justin Keenan Miller who did our shooting and editing would be awestruck that he gets so much credit. He’s an awesome editor, but that would be ridiculous.

    Two: Yeah, I know I can’t dance. A guy can try. Sorry for partying.

    Mad love for controversial vox comments,


  5.  by  Tim

    Your black friend looks (understandably) ashamed to be seen with you.

  6.  by  funny for a bit

    This was funny for the first few seconds, but it got pretty boring. But the first minute was somewhat entertaining. I didn’t make it to the end, to be honest. Once I heard the harbin shout out I was done.

  7.  by  Charlotte Bronte

    Fact checker: Are you right even half of the time?

    Tim: His “black friend” is his running mate. So yeah, he’s probably pretty ashamed.

  8.  by  not bad!

    very creative! I like it!

    there’s still absolutely no way I’m voting for a ticket made up of the person who killed funding reform last year and someone who was forced to resign from the Senate for never showing up.

  9.  by  Hunter Kaplan

    @ Matt Wagner –

    way to make it into “Comments of the Week.”
    Pretty solid video though, surprisingly good quality.

  10.  by  Check it

    Firstly, Wagner is one hell of an awkward dancer. Secondly, I’m still going to vote for Calen and Klugs. Lastly, below is a link to candidate Ismail doing a dirty impression of the Joker from the Dark Knight. No reason for any other campaign to even try to top this gem.

  11.  by  James Pickens

    WOW, way to be a fair and balanced newspaper.

    THE VOICE is becoming to WAGNER AND EMMANUEL what the HOYA is to CALIN AND JASON. A BIAS newspaper that doesn’t want to change the status quo.

    Isn’t throwing an old book at Riggs against the rules? Isn’t filming inside of Riggs against the rules without permission? Im sure you didn’t get permission to film inside of Riggs.

  12.  by  obama

    if the voice doesn’t eventually endorse ismail they are throwing away everything they stand for

  13.  by  Matt Wagner

    @ Hunter Kaplan-

    i am honored, it’s a distinction I’ve never earned before. It’s going to go on my fridge.

  14.  by  Jarvis Matthews

    To all readers…I did not post the previous comments on this video. It was very distasteful, rude, immature, and ignorant for someone to use my name to disrespect Matt and Emmanuel’s campaign on this blog. I have the utmost respect for Emmanuel as a Black man, student, and candidate. It’s very upsetting that someone would stoop to this level over a GUSA election. If you knew that you couldn’t win fairly, maybe you shouldn’t have run in the first place. Maybe you should campaign as hard as Matt and Emmanuel and your campiagn will receive a little more attention. Learn to run on your own merit. I am not your political play thing. Whoever you are or whatever campaign you belong to, you’re completely ridiculous. I’ll leave at that this time!!

    -Jarvis D. Matthews

  15.  by  David Grohl

    Hey Wagner, just wanted to congratulate you on having THE BEST, THE BEST, THE BEST, THE BEST rap video I’ve ever seen. I do, however, have a couple of suggestions.

    1. Y’all should grow out beards, especially really unkempt ones that gives the audience the impression that you’re young when you’re really nearing 50.

    2. Also, trying randomly straining your vocal cords and look constipated at various parts of the video. Gives you a sense of emotion, and chicks totally dig it.

    Finally, I’ve got another confession to make: I hate Chad Kroeger and Nickelback. Do not listen to that man’s advice at all. It’ll screw you over not just for this campaign, but everlong.

  16.  by  Johnny Solis

    Re: JARVIS

    I am not sure who you are, but what you have said is completely offensive, unnecessary and outright ridiculous. Moreover, it appears that you are trying to play yourself off as Jarvis Matthews, a Sophomore here at Georgetown.

    TO ALL READERS: Jarvis Matthews is a close personal friend of mine and someone I strongly admire and deeply respect. I have known Jarvis for nearly two years now and I am proud to say that he is a great individual and truly exemplifies the Georgetown idea of “men and women for others.” I am also proud to say that I am a member of GU Brothers 4 Christ with Jarvis Matthews, and through my interactions with Jarvis and my friendship with him I know that he would never post such an insolent comment. I know Jarvis well enough to know that he would never generalize and claim to be the voice for the “Black Community” at Georgetown. The very notion that any individual could speak on behalf of the Black community, Latino community, Asian community, etc. etc. etc. is ridiculous and a huge problem in the larger national political atmosphere and largely indicative of the ignorance that is prevalent on campus.

    With that said, if any of you want to see the REAL Jarvis Matthews, please come to Georgetown’s Protestant Services on Sunday evenings where you can find Jarvis performing (quite well) with the GU Gospel Choir. Until then, keep it classy.


  17.  by  Charlotte Bronte

    James Pickens,

    It’s spelled Calen, not “Calin.”. And what, pray, is a “bias newspaper?” One suspects it is what louts and ignoramuses call newspapers they think are biased. Before posting again, sir, please review the difference between nouns and adjectives.

    Do you mean the Voice supports Matt and Emmanuel, just as the Hoya supports Calen and Jason? Because that would mean the Voice does indeed want to change the status quo. Your logic is as weak as your grammar.

    Ms. Bronte

  18.  by  Matt Wagner

    From the “comment policy” on the Voice’s website:

    “Editors maintain the right to delete comments that contain spam, threats, or hateful or excessively crude language, or if commenters impersonate others.”

    Clearly “JARVIS” above is an impersonator in addition to using excessively hateful and crude language.

    I think it would be responsible for the moderators to take that comment down. I mean it’s in your own policy.

  19.  by  Jarvis Matthews

    To Johnny: Thank you for posting your comments. I couldn’t agree more that this situation is only a reminder of the unchallenged ignorance which so many of our colleagues believe is acceptable, but there is always hope for change!!

    Good luck to you and the M.E. campaign.


  20.  by  Hunter Kaplan

    @James Pickens

    First – if you are responding to my comment, I wasn’t endorsing Wagner/Hampton – I just said it was a funny comment/video. Second – if I were endorsing them, my opinions don’t necessarily reflect those of the Voice. Third – even if they did, newspapers are allowed to have an opinion…its called an editorial section (see Thursday’s edition of the Voice).

  21.  by  typical

    Why is Wagner spending his time playing comment police when what he should really be looking at with a critical eye is his finance plan?

  22.  by  Jarvis *NOT MATHEWS

    I am sorry for all those that thought I was Jarvis Mathews. I AM NOT JARVIS MATHEWS, but my name is Jarvis. Again I apologize, but must say that I NEVER SAID I WAS JARVIS MATHEWS. SO please stop acting like I WAS IMPERSONATING HIM. I DON”T know who this Jarvis Mathews is but he sounds like a great guy.

    And please vote Wagner.

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