Minor election hiccups in last week’s GUSA Senate special election

Unbeknownst to most students, last Tuesday, a special election took place to fill a vacancy in the Georgetown University Student Association Senate. With 76 votes, Andrew Foley (MSB ’10) beat out David Lee (NHS ’10), who had 63 votes, for the off-campus seat that Senator Josh Mogil (SFS ’11) vacated when he went abroad.

And, all things considered, Foley is lucky to have won. Lee’s strong showing appears to have been the result of a joke write-in campaign organized by his friends and roommates, including Nick Calta (COL ’10). (At least Lee didn’t win—last year, students elected two joke candidates to the Senate.)

“I’m Nick and I live with David.  My roommates and I (not including David) have decided that he should win the GUSA Senate Special Election happening today,” Calta wrote in an e-mail. “We all agree that based on our experience of living with him for the past 8 months or so, he is a perfect candidate for this position.”

Calta then listed a few promises he expected Lee to make if elected, like “[eating] gummi bears at every meeting (assorted flavors)” and “[throwing] said gummi bears at people he disagrees with.” [Disclosure: David Lee is the former business manager for the Georgetown Voice.]

Senator Andrew Foley was also the beneficiary of a last-minute disqualification of his only other official opponent. The opponent? Recent Georgetown grad and former Georgetown Heckler editor Jack Stuef (COL ’09), who successfully signed up to run in the election. Stuef campaigned undisturbed by election officials for two days despite having graduated in December, living 500-or-so miles away in Michigan, and Tweeting profusely about his campaign on a Twitter feed followed by several Senators.

Read Calta’s full letter and check out a chronicle of Stuef’s campaign after the jump!

Stuef crammed a lot of negative campaigning into those brief two days. He chronicled his delightful, rule-breaking, mudslinging campaign on his Twitter feed:

Here’s the e-mail from Calta urging support for write-in candidate David Lee:

Hello Everyone,

I’m Nick and I live with David.  My roommates and I (not including David) have decided that he should win the GUSA Senate Special Election happening today.  We all agree that based on our experience of living with him for the past 8 months or so, he is a perfect candidate for this position.

To vote, follow this link (before midnight tonight). You’ll need to put him as a write in candidate :


We guess that as a senator, he will promise to:

  • Eat gummi bears at every meeting (assorted flavors)
  • Throw said gummi bears at people he disagrees with
  • Headbutt those he disagrees with if gummi bears do not work
  • Increase panda awareness among the student body

Those of us in camp david believe that these platforms will revolutionize GUSA and Georgetown.

Please don’t tell David any of this, but tell others to vote for him.  It will be much better if he wins without knowing he was running.


Nick Calta and Matt Strom
Unofficial Campaign Managers
Camp David

9 Comments on “Minor election hiccups in last week’s GUSA Senate special election

  1. Well apparently Nick Calta (Chair of the Club Sports board) has a reason to think that GUSA is unstable and incompetent: he’s a part of making it that way.

  2. Oh what’s this? The voice is trying to rip on GUSA? Oh my god
    hold the phones. Get over yourself Molly. Sorry you lost a group to make fun of this year becase they actually did a good job.

  3. The Voice attacking GUSA??? What a surprise.

    How desperate to report on this… it didn’t effect the election. The Voice is so pathetic.

  4. How is this post making fun of GUSA? I can’t see any of it that’s critical of GUSA, save the headline maybe. (And if you don’t consider a graduate living in Michigan almost being elected to GUSA a “hiccup,” maybe you should skip Vox and stick to reading GUSA minutes off box.net in your spare time.)

    Then again, the fact that 40% of the people who voted in the off-campus chose to throw their support behind a joke candidate does say something about how seriously the student body takes GUSA. I guess I might be a little overly defensive too if no one took my organization seriously.

  5. lol@GUSA apologists.

    Of course this is news: the victorious GUSA candidate was the only one who was seriously running for the seat. His only other two opponents were fake candidates, and one of them almost BEAT him.

    It’s a joke – which is how most people view GUSA. This post just highlights the indifference or disdain which most Hoyas feel towards the organization. Maybe that’s not good news for GUSA, but it’s news nonetheless.

  6. Oh lighten up, when I got this email I laughed out loud. Stop hating on Molly just because she has a public platform and your only recourse is snarky comments.

  7. So . . . the kid who actually campaigned for the off-campus seat won. One candidate proposed as a joke didn’t win and another who graduated a semester early ran a campaign for two days before was properly disqualified, in advance of the ballots going out.

  8. Anyone feel like Stuef is kinda like the high school quarterback who still goes to every game after he graduates to relive the glory days? Stuef: you were funny while here (for the most part) but dude, you graduated. That being said, the Jack D twitter account you had going was genius. You will live forever through its memory. Sloppy joes 4 life.

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