“Calen and Jason: GUSA 2010″: Angert and Kluger’s GUSA campaign video

A little late out of the gate, President Calen Angert (MSB ’11) and Vice President Jason Kluger (MSB ’11), who are running for reelection in Tuesday’s Georgetown University Student Association for President and VP, have posted their campaign video.

Their video, complete with outtakes, features “Eye of the Tiger,” slap fights, role playing, an endorsement by two men’s basketball players (they’re getting real political this season, aren’t they?) and no rap. Enjoy!

8 Comments on ““Calen and Jason: GUSA 2010″: Angert and Kluger’s GUSA campaign video

  1. Last year’s video was better. This one isn’t really funny or engaging.

  2. I thought this video was hilarious. Much more entertaining than Matt Wagner dancing like five year old who just chugged a two liter coke.

  3. they may not be rapping anymore, but they are still pretending to be black.

  4. do they honestly think that because they have two basketball players in their video we are all going to vote for them? I hope they would give our intellects much more credit than that…..

    I guess the video is a step up from last year’s…better audio quality, but much worse storyline. Can this election hurry up and end!?

  5. They shouldn’t have released this. I have lost a lot of respect for them since they resorted to this dumb video. They had a strong campaign before this, and now they just look stupid.

  6. They already put out one video which actually contained much more information on their agenda than any of the other campaign videos did, and I think the term they’ve already served in office shows that they clearly don’t just take the position as a joke.

  7. I think it’s actually pretty clever. These rather dumb GUSA music videos can never keep up with vote in a box. Might as well try something new.

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