Vox haiku contest!: Win two free tickets to She’s Out of My League

Vox scored two sets of two free tickets to a pre-screening of the rom-com She’s Out of My League, which doesn’t hit theaters until March 12, that we want to give away to you, dear readers. And to determine how we’re going to give these bad boys away, we’re stealing an awesome idea from New York Magazine: haiku contest.

The tickets are for tomorrow, Tuesday, February 23 at 7:30 p.m. at the Georgetown AMC theater.

To enter, leave your best Georgetown-related haiku below in the comments section, and enter your @georgetown.edu e-mail as your e-mail address. (Yes, you have to be a Georgetown student to win). Submissions are due at noon on Tuesday and we’ll announce and notify the winner at about 1 p.m.

So, bards and rhapsodists of Georgetown, have at it! Remember, haikus are 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables, and Vox will be counting. To help you get inspired, here’s Voice Leisure editor Chris Heller’s example haiku:

“An ode to Philly’s

Ranch loved, now forever lost

Fuck you, ANC”

28 Comments on “Vox haiku contest!: Win two free tickets to She’s Out of My League

  1. Candidates galore
    Only two deserve your vote
    Calen and Jason

  2. Movie looks awful
    The nerd from Tropic Thunder?
    Todd Olson likes it.

  3. @ GUSA says
    Please stop wasting my money
    Damn GUSA to hell.

  4. Money goes to Towne
    Appetite goes to Wisey’s
    No cash left for films

  5. Sitting here alone
    Another Manic Monday
    Spent Doing Nothing…

  6. Wisey’s. Tombs. Leo’s.
    All unsatisfactory.
    Ledo’s square pizza.

  7. Dear Georgetown Ladies
    It is fucking cold outside
    Put on some real clothes.

  8. this movie allows
    an escape from midterms that
    im not studying for

  9. Some haikus are great,
    But some don’t make any sense.

  10. Still stuck at the bank;
    It’s 10 PM in London.
    Do not graduate.

  11. too many rich kids
    who don’t understand real life
    georgetown isn’t it

  12. I am like Georgetown.
    Good at basketball, catholic,
    but am also broke.

  13. Where are the real men?
    Hook-up culture eludes me.
    I demand love too.

  14. laziness indeed
    couldn’t remember wording
    thanks for the link Geoff

  15. I am a real man
    Hooking up eludes me too
    Meet me now at gates?

  16. i’m jack the bull dog
    root for hoya saxa
    or i’ll tear you up

  17. Ninety-nine Days is
    Forcing me into hatred
    For my belov’d Tombs.

  18. Post Script: Not really.
    But fear penetrates the depths
    Of this fragile heart.

  19. Why do Ninety Nine
    at the same dank bar, have you
    nothing else to do

  20. We in S-F-S
    care not for your College ways.
    Madeline Albright, God.

  21. Learn how to count, bro.
    Some help from a College guy:
    Maddie Albright, God.

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