Gen. Michael Hayden joins Georgetown cybersecurity project as senior adviser

Former head of the CIA General Michael Hayden has signed on as a member of a new Georgetown project that seeks to use law, policy, and technology as responses to the issue of cybersecurity, the Office of Communications reports.

He’s already helped design a February 16 exercise called Cyber ShockWave, “an exercise that brings together a bipartisan group of former senior administration and national security officials playing the roles of Cabinet members responding to a simulated cyberspace attack.”

The Los Angeles Times covered the exercise—which simulated a viral attack that debilitated millions of cell-phones, took down the Internet, and knocked out large swaths of the American power grid—and reports that participants had some jarring, if Hollywoodesque responses to the simulation. The dozen or so participants, former White House advisers and other top officials, it says, considered “putting the army in American cities, … nationalizing industries, rationing fuel and snatching suspects overseas.” Yikes.

“General Hayden is one of the most respected experts in national security and intelligence,” College Dean Chester Gillis said in Blue and Gray about Hayden’s adviser position. “As a senior adviser to Georgetown’s cyberproject, he will provide invaluable guidance and experience as we work to understand and tackle some of the most pressing issues around cybersecurity.”

Photo from Flickr user matthewbradley used under a Creative Commons license.

One Comment on “Gen. Michael Hayden joins Georgetown cybersecurity project as senior adviser

  1. When they said cybersecurity, I thought they were bringing someone in to finally set up our wifi so it isn’t just “HOYAS” as a “hidden” network… what a joke.

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