U.S. News & World Report: Georgetown 129th among international institutions

Today, U.S. News and World Report released its 2010 rankings of the World’s Best Colleges and Universities, where it’s ranked Georgetown University 129th among 400 other institutions, tied with the University of Aberdeen in the UK and Ohio State University.

In Art and Humanities, it ranked 75th; in Social Sciences, it ranked 57th; in Life Sciences and Biomedics, it ranked 162nd; and it was not ranked among Engineering and IT or Natural Science universities.

Interestingly, on the international list, Georgetown University is ranked below several schools which it ranks above on U.S. News & World Report’s better-known national Best Colleges list, where Georgetown is 23rd, like New York University and Purdue. The discrepancy must lay in the methodology. The international list doesn’t take retention rates, graduation rates, or admissions selectivity into account (but neither does it weigh financial resources, lucky for us).

Instead, the World list is based on academic peer review (40 percent), employer review (10 percent), student-to-faculty ratios (20 percent), citations per faculty (a measurement of faculty research output—20 percent), and ratio of international faculty (5 percent) and international students (5 percent). Georgetown scored based on responses to the employer survey, with a score of 90 out of 100, but had middling scores in other categories—65 out of 10 on academic peer review, 65 points for its student to faculty ratio, 50 points for citation rate, and 24 out of 100 for international faculty.

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7 Comments on “U.S. News & World Report: Georgetown 129th among international institutions

  1. This is the most nonsense assessment I’ve ever seen. What does the ratio of international faculty or students have to do with the quality of school? What does the research output tell you about whether professors are experts in their fields and engaged with students?

    This methodology seems like garbage. Maybe someone who went to Rice (100), the University of Oslo (101), Penn State (120), University of Maryland, College Park (122), or City University of Hong Kong (124) can explain it to me.

    Wait, UMCP? Yeah, fuck this.

  2. The University of Oslo is the oldest, largest and most prestigious university in the Kingdom of Norway, arguably on the entire Baltic littoral, so back the fuck off.

  3. … and UM College Park is widely known as the oldest, largest and most prestigious university in the entirety of Prince George’s County, arguably in the entire Southeastern Maryland area…

    So the integrity of this survey is clearly beyond repute.

  4. The survey also completely ignores every single liberal arts college. But what the hell is the point of analyzing entire universities? Does it really matter that an organization has both a great history program and a med school? How can it compare massive state schools to a place like Dartmouth but draw the line at considering where Williams or Amherst fits in. If you’re considering just getting your BA, how does this list even help you?

    It seems more pointless than even their normally pointless rankings.

  5. @ G-town,

    More than anything, I would “hurt that thhe school” admitted someone who writes like you.

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