GUSA Roundup: Quirky Inaugural Edition

This week’s Georgetown University Student Association meeting featured an irksome inauguration (just like Obama’s!) and tear-jerking eulogies to Philly P’s. Here’s the wrap:

Inaugurations: GUSA swore in the newly-reelected President and Vice President Calen Angert (MSB ’11) and Jason Kluger (MSB ’11)—perhaps extraconstitutionally?

“There is a curious little quirk of the by-laws which requires the outgoing president and vice-president to administer the oath to the incoming president and vice-president,” Parliamentarian Sam Ungar (COL ’12) told the Senate. Given that the outgoing president and vice-president and the incoming president and vice-president were one and the same, Ungar decided to administer the oath himself.

After their swearing in, both candidates delivered speeches to the GUSA senate. Kluger called on the Senate to remember Gandhi’s words to become the change they want to see in the world, while Angert urged Senators to maintain their dedication to the GUSA senate and never be afraid to throw themselves into large and challenging projects. Angert then swore in newly-elected Senator Andrew Foley (MSB ’10), who could not raise his right hand because his arm is broken—another suspect inauguration?

GUSA Fund Bolsters Funding Board: The GUSA senate approved a bill to transfer $15,000 from the GUSA fund to the Student Activities Fee Reserve account, which is used to provide funds to advisory boards. Chairman of the Finance and Appropriations Committee Nick Troiano (COL ’11) said he had talked with GUSA Fund Chair Kate Petersen (COL ’11) and that she said the GUSA Fund could limit its spending to $15,000 for the semester.

“We simply want to go into the budget process with as much money as we can,” Troiano said.

New Sign: GUSA unanimously approved a bill to appropriate $200 towards the creation of a vinyl sign bearing GUSA’s logo. The bill was introduced by Senator Nolan Johnson (COL’11), who said the sign was “a great way to make use of GUSA’s new logo”.

4 Comments on “GUSA Roundup: Quirky Inaugural Edition

  1. Out of curiosity, why was half of the GUSA Fund transferred to the Activity Fee’s reserve account? The FinApp Committee seemed pretty certain that the $30,000 was a set number for the GUSA fund and now it seems they’ve admitted they asked for too much, I’m just wondering about some of the specifics of why this happened.

  2. The GUSA Fund amount requested was requested back in October or November, but not allocated until second semester. Commissioners weren’t appointed until February. So it’s about half the year, which makes sense for the $15K mark. Also, the budgets the advisory boards and GUSA requested totaled $55K more than the current allocation, so it’s trying to get money where it can be most effective.

    Note, though, that there’s still the potential to draw down from the endowment and/or from the amount that is currently going into to the endowment every year. A 5% drawdown from the endowment would yield around $125,000 extra, and we currently put in anywhere from $315-340K into the endowment every year.

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