We Are Georgetown and You’re Not: West Virginia Preview

This year, Vox is taking a page from Deadspin and New York’s books and giving you a guide for rooting against each of the Hoyas’ Big East opponents. In preparation for tonight’s game against West Virginia, here are three reasons to hate the Mountaineers:

Their fans

Last year when the Mountaineers came to D.C. and embarrassed the Hoyas 75-58, the loss was made all the worse by the numerous West Virginia fans who found their way into the arena. Opposing fans invading the Verizon Center is (unfortunately) not a rare occurrence, but Mountaineer fans are probably the most annoying fans in the Big East outside of upstate New York.

Tonight, Georgetown will have to endure an arena full of them. The Hoyas can look forward to hearing from the always tactful West Virginia student section. You know, the WVU students who pelted a Pittsburgh assistant coach with change. And while Georgetown fans certainly use some colorful language, we have yet to receive an e-mail from Todd Olson asking us to stop embarrassing the University with our profanity. You know your fans are a problem when Bob Huggins is the one who has to demand a little decency. Stay classy Morgantown.

The Mountaineer

While definitely not the Big East’s dumbest mascot—the conference is much too competitive in that category—the Mountaineer definitely qualifies as the most dangerous. After all, no other school gives their mascot a real rifle. Of course, in addition to having a firearm, the Mountaineer is plenty loathsome. A caricature of the kind of mountain man outsiders make fun of West Virginians for being, the human mascot forgoes the creepiness of the traditional full-body costume for the easy mockability of buckskins. Traditionally an excuse for one lazy West Virginia student to not shave, the Mountaineer has been considerably less hirsute this past year and has been portrayed by the second female ever. But tonight’s game marks the naming of a new Mountaineer, and with only male candidates, a ridiculous beard should be making its return.


Tonight marks the Hoyas’ first trip back to Morgantown since 2008, when Georgetown defeated West Virginia 58-57 thanks to Patrick Ewing Jr.’s last-second heroics. Ewing’s block was one of the defining moments in his illustrious Hoya career, but of course WVU fans refuse to accept that. They choose to think that Ewing goaltended the final shot. And while I would refer the Mountaineer fans to the video, I don’t think that, two years later, this argument is being settled. The events of January 26 instead must be remembered as a valuable teaching moment—if you want to silence the crowd in Morgantown, you need to do it convincingly. The Hoyas needs a big win tonight, and if they get it they have a chance to do the impossible: shut up West Virginia fans.

5 Comments on “We Are Georgetown and You’re Not: West Virginia Preview

  1. Any other school in the country would be all over their coach for a second straight season that collapsed. We can’t give JT3 a free pass any more. It doesn’t mean he should be fired, but he needs to know that this is completely unacceptable and Escherick-like

  2. @Another Loss

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying that this the “second straight season that collapsed.” Clearly we have had a few crap losses in the past weeks, but on the whole, we are certainly okay. The Big East is a tough place to play.

  3. Maybe we should stop saying “We Are Georgetown, and You’re Not.” If I were a WV fan, I’d be thrilled not to be Georgetown right now, at least as far as basketball goes.

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