Georgetown Law Center student is SCOTUS’ biggest fan

Mike Sacks, a third-year student at the Georgetown University Law Center, set a peculiar goal for himself at the start of this year’s Supreme Court term—to be the first one in line for a seat at every major argument, or First One @ One First, as the title of his blog boasts in a reference to the Supreme Court’s location.

Vox wasn’t aware of this, but apparently, waiting in line outside the Supreme Court Building to get one of the few, highly-coveted seats available to SCOTUS enthusiasts is a pretty popular sport. The New York Times caught up with Sacks just after his hopes to be the first one at One 1st all term long had been crushed by two gun rights supporters who flew in from California to watch a big gun control case go down. Sacks had arrived at 8 a.m. on a Monday, 26 hours before the case was set to begin. The Californians, shown above with a moping Sacks, had been there since before dawn.

Along the way, NYT also found a person who had been hired through Craigslist for $250 by an anonymous SCOTUS follower to hold a seat for 19 hours. Dick Heller, famous for bringing landmark the case against the District of Columbia that affirmed the right for individuals to carry firearms for private use, jacked Sacks’ seat.  And, according to Sack’s blog, sometimes, the ABA Journal provides pizza.

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