How you ranked artists for the GPB Spring Kick-off Concert

Back in January, the Georgetown Programming Board sent out an e-mail asking you to rank eight different artists it might be able to bring to campus for the Spring Kick-Off Concert. Now, Alexandra Kisielewski, the GPB Concert Chair, has compiled your votes and shared them with Vox.

Kisielewski explained that because GPB conducted the survey with a ranking system, they tallied the results to reflect how they were ordered overall. Since a first place vote had more weight than a fifth place vote, the highest-ranked artist may not have gotten the most votes for first place. Here are what the results were after that calculation:

  1. Lupe Fiasco – 23.1 percent
  2. Kid Cudi – 22.6 percent
  3. Third Eye Blind – 22.3 percent
  4. Arctic Monkeys – 16.6 percent
  5. SuperMashBros – 15.3 percent

But here’s how you marked your #1 pick for the Spring Concert:

  1. Third Eye Blind – 30 percent
  2. Kid Cudi – 28 percent
  3. Lupe Fiasco – 22 percent
  4. Arctic Monkeys – 11 percent
  5. SuperMashBros – 10 percent

It is unclear how many students voted. Flaming Lips, Talib Kweli, and Dirty Projectors were the three artists who didn’t crack the top five in either category. (Guess we couldn’t convince you that Flaming Lips is awesome).

“We’re hoping to begin advertising after Spring break and as soon as all of the contracting has been finalized we will be able to release the artist’s name,” Kisielewski wrote in an e-mail.

15 Comments on “How you ranked artists for the GPB Spring Kick-off Concert

  1. This campus’s taste in all things arts related is sh*t. Congrats, Georgetown student body on voting in yet another terrible spring concert.

  2. go to NYU hipster. The music is fine. It’s better than Jason Mraz, Fountain’s of Wayne, and Coolio (although the nostalgia of coolio is unparalleled).

  3. @ughh

    Who would you prefer? I’m sure when you actually give your input, we’ll all be able to criticize your tastes, too.

    Personally, I like the top 3. Lupe and Cudi are both pretty f-ing good. And ya know, it might not be the worst thing in the world to hold a campus event that a black kid or two might want to attend…ya know, for diversity and all that. I don’t exactly think most of the hip hop crowd was running to see Fountain’s of Wayne. But there are a lot of white-as-paper suburban kids, myself included, who are into Lupe and Cudi.

    Third Eye Blind, while possibly not as appealing to everyone, is still a great band and has been doing their thing for so long, you have to think they’re doing something right. Plus, who doesn’t want to re-live some of their late-’90s classics?

  4. Seeing as it is Georgetown, it will certainly be Third Eye Blind. Lupe and Kid Cudi would both be acceptable but pale in comparison to what the Flaming Lips would have brought us.

  5. Really guys with the stereotyping? I’m the first person to critize Georgetown for its lack of diversity and whatnot, but if my memory serves correct, the last three concerts have been Coolio, Common and T-Pain.

    Not exactly “white-as-paper” artists.

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  7. Our “Top 40’s” inclined student body cannot be blamed for having an underdeveloped taste in music. It’s the same as developing taste buds for fine wine, figs and honey. Without a doubt, the task of selecting artists should be one that serves the needs of our campus, and the present state of the world- with music, instruments, and energy that that engulfs innovation to the Light of our souls.

    Let’s not forget that in moments of war (real war and the war within us), there’s nothing so soothing to our mind, as the sounds from a beautiful instrument, melting together with a harmony of voices that bring a healing miracle to our souls. Who your music is, is who you are, how you feel, and what’s within your heart. You become a part of music; it does not become a part of you.

  8. Um, I’m just an old dude but I’m shocked you kids like Third Eye Blind. They were played incessantly when I was in college over ten years ago. I thought they were long gone. They were already considered pretty damn lame by the time I graduated. Next thing you’ll tell me that you guys love Semisonic or Fastball.

  9. The fact that almost nobody put Kweli first demonstrates some ignorance to me

  10. I voted for Flaming Lips :(

    @Music Muse Also, I love figs and honey (by which I mean I must ALWAYS have a stock of honey, dried figs and dried apricot in my room) but that’s because I’m Indian/spent some of my very early years in the Middle East (and also love red wine, where I’m of legal drinking age).

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