Comments of the Week: Where’s Walbro?

ughh was really bummed to hear that Georgetown students voted Lupe Fiasco into the top spot for our Spring Concert:

“This campus’s taste in all things arts related is sh*t. Congrats, Georgetown student body on voting in yet another terrible spring concert.”

wawawa said ughh could love it or leave it:

“go to NYU hipster. The music is fine. It’s better than Jason Mraz, Fountain’s of Wayne, and Coolio (although the nostalgia of coolio is unparalleled).”

Which bro is which? responded to reports that Vice President Jason Kluger was everywhere on Election Day:

“I have it on good authority that Calen and Jason were confused for each other that night. Both are handsome, scruffy, and quite good at articulating ideas-no wonder students couldn’t tell the difference. Or possibly even more plausible…maybe Calen and Jason are one in the SAME?”

Wireless-less applauded UIS for completing a massive data transfer that will help the World Bank’s Haiti relief efforts:

“Wow, that’s a lot of data and no small accomplishment. It shows that if UIS really wants to do something they can get it done. If they could do that in four days, I can’t wait to use the new wireless in Walsh next week. or not.”

David Roffman was not optimistic about the fortunes of Georgetown businesses during the recession:

“[S]o, here we are today, almost at a stage where Georgetown has to start over. The merchant mix is all wrong. The Georgetown Business Association has to take the lead. City Hall has to wake up and see what is happening to this historic neighborhood and work with the merchant association to improve the situation …. Let’s be a little more creative.”

Sarah was not pleased to hear that Georgetown is raising the cost of tuition and room and board, even if it was just by a little:

“Room and board should never go up. As is, we pay way too much for the spaces we live in and to think of the poor freshmen who will have to pay 2% more to live in Darnall. Unconscionable.”

Suspicious raised an eyebrow at a GU Law Center grad’s offer to sell his degree:

“‘It’s in Latin or something.’ Spoken like someone who will have a fine career at Wal-Mart.”

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