Third Eye Blind is playing the Georgetown Spring Kick-Off Concert in April

Just before break, Vox reported how students voted for artists the Georgetown Programming Board could potentially bring to play at our Spring Kick-Off Concert. Third Eye Blind got the most first place votes, but ultimately, students ranked Lupe Fiasco highest overall, based on GPB’s tallying system.

Guess they couldn’t book him, or runner-up Kid Cudi. According to their tour schedule, Third Eye Blind is playing at Georgetown University on April 10, which is the planned day of the concert. We couldn’t immediately reach the concert chair of GPB for more details about the event.

So break out your grade school summer mixes—3eb is coming to campus to pluck your nostalgic heartstrings. That is, if they can find us. Some poor intern listed Washington as the state where the concert will take place, and 600 New Jersey Avenue NW—the Law Center—as the event address.

Thanks to Jake Sticka for the tip!

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  2. I think dirty projectors were a stretch for the baseball cap north face suburban bro. (yes, it seems it is still ok to hate on generic hoyas) but how could we not choose the flaming lips!? i am very disappointed in you georgetown. That said, im not going to be sitting in my room listening to king crimson on vinyl in indie snob protest… it will be a fun show.

  3. My first rock concert was 3EB in 2003, and after having seen once more, I am so excited for my third dose. They are amazing and I am very glad GPB is bringing them to campus. I will definitely be the first in line, even if it is at the Law Center.

  4. Indie hipsters bitch all you want, you’ll probably jizz when you see the opening act.

  5. um…. how is this a fail? am i the only one who was born in the 80s?

  6. no, T-pain was a fail. 3eb is awesome live. SO excited, its going to be a fun show.

  7. I’ve heard from someone who wasn’t really a big 3EB fan based on their singles and recorded albums that their live show is really impressive. So I think that even if you just know the singles, their stage act might be worth checking out.

  8. Tim just said something positive on the Voice blog. Stop the presses. Or maybe someone has taken his name.

  9. So I checked out the schedule and there isn’t a date for April 10th…
    it goes: April 9th, Elon College . . . April 11th, Richmond

    the concert page linked in the article still works though. Maybe that intern took the page down to correct the address?

  10. With the music of 3EB I think it will be a nice night for everyone to get laid. Kid Cudi would have been great but we already saw him at the Halloween Lulalume festival. A good single from the new album “Don’t Believe a Word;” but I heard they was good live too!!

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