Georgetown narrowly loses to Duke in the NCAA championship (of salaries)

Not many of our celebrity bracketeers are confident that Georgetown will make it to the NCAA championship game. But change the rules of the game, and the Hoyas can take on almost anyone in the tournament—at least as far as alumni salaries go.

In its annual celebration of March Madness, ranks the teams in the NCAA tournament by the median annual salary of alumni who are five to 15 years out of college. This year, with alumni making $95,100 a year, Georgetown breaks the “Fat Wallet Four” and beats out Vanderbilt—$85,800—to take on Duke, with $104,000, in the ‘championship game.’

That’s better than we did in 2008, when we lost to Notre Dame $99,100 to $92,500 in the Fat Wallet Four. Let’s not talk about 2009.

Georgetown probably does consistently well in the battle of the bucks because PayScale counts the salaries of alumni from graduate, medical, law, and other schools incorporate with a University besides its undergraduate students. The data don’t reflect the self-employed or unemployed, either—but this still made us feel pretty good about the degree we’re getting.

Via Casual Hoya.

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