Comments of the Week: Stay classy, Hoyas!

Vox‘s post about where to relieve yourself on St. Patrick’s Day stirred up old memories for Asuka:

“I’ll never forget the night I was walking my dog on Reservoir and came upon a member of America’s future relieving himself on the bushes in my neighbor’s front yard. I asked him what the hell he was doing, and he sheepishly slurred out the request that I not sic my 120 lbs German shepherd on him. Stay classy, Hoyas!”

Eric was bothered by the Catholic Church’s response to legalized same-sex marriage in the District:

“What’s next, are they going to require video cameras in employees’ bedrooms to ensure they are not using protection? That’s a “tenet” of Catholocism too, no?

I’m not a Catholic, but I wish the church would focus on real problems, like sexual abuse within the church.”

jacob did not have kind words to say about Plan A Hoyas’s Wednesday guerrilla theater performance, ft. leprechaun Jack O’Gioia:

“A ham handed performance that has as much subtlety as driving a train through a library? Hardly creative.
Whining about how mean the administration is in red square annoying dozens, nay, several people on their way to class? Hardly daring.”

E was impressed by the response to the news that SAC was being reticent on some of GUSA’s reforms:

“This thing is generating comments at a rate somewhere between a post about the neighbors complaining and a post about racism. Very impressive.”

The Voice‘s Chris Heller was concerned that so many neighbors found Georgetown students to be blight on their community:

“But where will I host my “Block Private Driveways Whilst Drinking, Yelling, AND/OR Vomiting” party, if not on a Georgetown sidestreet?”

And P. Reif found our old post about the planning stages of Sex Positive Week and was not amused:

“If this is meant to disgust mainstream America…it does. Grow up children and repent of your immorality.”

One Comment on “Comments of the Week: Stay classy, Hoyas!

  1. I am thrilled – no, honored – to be included in the “Comments of the Week”. If there can be an upside to stumbling upon a drunken freshman pissing on your neighbor’s bushes, this is certainly it.

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