Remix Your Weekend: The Cataracs, Clockwork, Chiddy Bang, Mike Posner, + Shwazye

It’s been so long, dare I say, since last we met? It’s NCAA season, so I’m allowed to throw down some school spirit on the remix post. But I digress.

It has been some time since I posted, and a combination of my hard drive crashing from hard rockage and spring break has kept me from doing what I love to do most: posting some tracks to make us dance. This week I’ve got a load of tracks that have caught my attention over the past three weeks, and they’re all going down in one post. So plug in those ear buds and get ready for a ride.

Most recently, I stumbled on what will no doubt be my “Track of Spring 2010″ by Berkeley’s own The Cataracs. Their new track, “Sippin’ Champaigne,” is utterly perfect for this whether: OE, blunts, hoes, and champagne. I don’t think I could ask for more from this white boy electro-duo. You can also download their new mix tape “I Thought They Were Black” here.

Next we have a nice little mash of the Office themesong with Lil’ Wayne, by Ohio’s Clockwork. This track may not be a sure-fire party banger, but I still love it. The sheer ingenuity it took to mash the two tracks together alone makes it worth a download. I also have another funny mash from which takes “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” and mixes it right up onto the Lion King song. It’s equally as quirky as Clockwork’s mash, but almost funnier because of this video that goes with it.

Moving right along, you may remember my post from a earlier in the school year about Chiddy Bang—well, the boys are back. We have some new Chiddy Bang tracks. One is Ellie Goulding’s “Under The Sheets,” and the other has the Philly duo taking over Kid C.u.D.i.’s “Day and Night.” Both tracks are pretty boss. But, I would recommend the Ellie Goulding track over the Kid Cudi one, even if you have to wait a little longer for the Chiddy crew to show up.

The next track is a nice house jam from Mike Posner remixed by Skeet Skeet. It’s pretty simple, but it goes right along with my new fascination with Disco-tech electro, a genre which I feel is perfect for Spring evenings before the party hits super hard. It’s also part of a Mix CD that you can DL Here.

Last but not least, here’s an old LMFAO/Party Rock remix of Shwazye’s “Get You Home.” This may be my number two “Track of Spring 2010″ even if it’s a little old. It basically saved my sanity while I spent my time among dozens of senile vacationers, whom I imagined breaking into spontaneous dance along with Shwayze. It was epic, in my head.

That’s a lot of music, but it’s been so long, so you deserve it all. Enjoy this weather. Winter’s finally over, which means it’s the real season of booty shaking.

BONUS: The Hood Internet’s anthem to the 2000’s: Epic. P.S. Radio, who apparently has better taste than our general campus, is getting these Chicagoans to come to campus for their spring concert. Get your sweat rags ready.

4 Comments on “Remix Your Weekend: The Cataracs, Clockwork, Chiddy Bang, Mike Posner, + Shwazye

  1. The Tinie Tempah & Chiddy Bang “Pass Out Remix” on the Mixtape linked above is also pretty fresh. A good Mixtape that gives you a sampling of some great up-and-coming artists.

  2. awesome post! i’m glad to see some awesome music taste on vox populi!
    the skeet skeet remix and chiddy bang under the sheets tracks are two of my favs, and i instantly clicked on everything else posted.
    in the spirit of spreading good music, i recommend passion pit’s remix of ‘i am not a robot’ and lightsoverLA’s remix of ‘what you know.’ :)
    thanks again!

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