Map the recycling facilities at Georgetown!

View Recycling Bins on Georgetown’s Campus in a larger map

In the sustainability survey Vox ran last week, many students reported being underwhelmed by Georgetown’s recycling capabilities. Students also said that a few items in particular—batteries, ink cartridges, and cardboard—were really hard to recycle on campus.

Can crowd-sourcing solve this problem?

Above is a map Vox has started of recycling bins across campus. It’s nowhere near comprehensive, because we want your help in identifying as many facilities as we can.

So if you’ve got a Google account, go to the map, click “Edit” in the left-hand column, and add as many markers for Big Bellies (which hold paper, glass, and aluminum) or recycling bins as you can.

We’re looking for all sorts of receptacles, but especially places where you can dump ink cartridges, batteries, and cardboard.

Feeling lazy? Just leave suggestions in the comments section, and Vox will add them. The key is to the right.

4 Comments on “Map the recycling facilities at Georgetown!

  1. i am way too techno-challenged to do this, but there are big belly solar compactors right outside the b-school (the entrance from the leavey center) and one on the leavey esplanade by the top floor of the bookstore.

  2. What a great idea, Molly! I’ll go check later tonight.

    Also, this question is directed to those of you in residence halls. Have the dorm room recycling bins been distributed yet?

  3. What a great idea, Molly!

    I have a quick question for anyone who lives on campus. Have they distributed the individual room recycling bins yet?


  4. No individual bins yet. But the common room bins were updated last fall!

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