FinApp to pass budget for five advisory boards, allocate to SAC later

Tomorrow night, the Georgetown University Student Association Finance and Appropriation Committee, feeling the need to submit a budget for student activiteis to the full Senate, will pass a budget on to the GUSA Senate with allocations for all of the advisory boards except for the Student Activities Commission. The FinApp Committee will allocate money to SAC, which still has not agreed to make its members’ votes on club funding public, in the coming weeks in a separate allocation.

FinApp member Colton Malkerson (COL ’13) said that members of FinApp made the decision after a meeting with Director of Student Programs Erika Cohen-Derr, Associate Dean for Finance & Administration Lynn Hirschfeld, and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Jeanne Lord where they advised FinApp to pass a budget which would allocate funds to the other five advisory boards, and then work out the remaining issues with SAC.

Members of SAC will meet with these administrators in next week, before administrators, SAC, and FinApp members meet all together to try to reach compromise. If they cannot reach an agreement there, an impartial administrator may decide whether SAC needs open votes. However, FinApp members have indicated that they are very reluctant to bring in direct administrative involvement.

Because of rules that stipulate the budget must allocate to all boards, the budget they will pass on to the full Senate will technically allocate an actual dollar amount—$0—to SAC.

Reporting by Eric Pilch

6 Comments on “FinApp to pass budget for five advisory boards, allocate to SAC later

  1. fire SENYO, then give them the money. SAC needs less people like him.

  2. Georgetown needs to just fire Bill McCoy. If such a petty, malevolent bureaucrat weren’t pulling the strings behind the scenes year in and year out, we might accidentally stumble into a group of SAC commissioners with the revolutionary notion that helping student organizations is a good thing.

  3. Actually has hit the nail on the head. There has been only one thing which has been around for as long as SAC has been a destructive force, at least in this latest iteration: the adviser.

  4. Both “actually” and “typical” are right. I hope that students early in their undergraduate careers take note that it’s largely Bill McCoy who sustains SAC’s toxic institutional culture, and that he should be held accountable — that is, fired. The current reforms are necessary, but students will continue to receive push back as long as McCoy has a job that’s in any way associated with CSP/SAC. The next round of “reform” should focus on getting him out of the university. I know that I plan to write a series of detailed letters in favor of his dismissal after May graduation, and I encourage others to do the same.

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  6. @True:

    I agree with you. But if these reforms are implemented fully — letting club leaders question and elect and re-elect their SAC Commissioners, elect the SAC Chair and making SAC Commissioners reveal their votes — Bill McCoy’s influence can be greatly blunted.

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