The SAC meeting minutes since February 15 onward

Last night, a diligent commenter pointed out that the Georgetown Student Activities Commission has fallen behind in posting its meeting minutes online. Since SAC’s public relations director Ruiyong Chen (SFS ’13) sends meeting notes to the Voice on a weekly basis, Vox has decided that we will post the ones missing from SAC’s website until they catch up.

In an e-mail, Chen explained why the minutes were missing:

“They have not moved. We have been a little backlogged in terms of posting allocation meeting minutes online in a timely manner, in addition to our limited tech skills, simply due to the fact that we as commissioners have been working on other SAC-related duties, such as drafting proposals and rewriting policy guidelines. I apologize for the delay. We hope to get back on schedule soon.

If anyone would like to look at the minutes, they are welcome to email me, and I will forward the minutes requested.”

Below are the meeting minutes from the past five meetings.

March 22

March 22 SAC Allocation Meeting

March 15

March 15 SAC Allocation Meeting

March 1

March 1 SAC Allocation Meeting

February 22

February 22 SAC Allocation Meeting

February 15

February 16 SAC Allocation Meeting

3 Comments on “The SAC meeting minutes since February 15 onward

  1. A commenter pointed out on another post that the SAC meeting minutes are now all up on their website. Looks like they posted them sometime between 1 a.m. and 8 a.m. today.

  2. Forget reform. How about they just fire Senyo?

  3. SAC is definitely moving in the right direction to make sure the meeting minutes are there for anyone to see. This is a good day for SAC!

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