UGG coming to Wisconsin Avenue at old Diesel site

This week, Georgetown Metropolitan, ever more meticulous in his reading of long, boring Advisory Neighborhood Commission agendas than Vox Populi is, discovered that UGG Australia is opening up a shop on Wisconsin Avenue.

The store of the eponymous bootmaker (or as GM likes to call them, the “purveyors of a canklefied silhouette”), will be located at 1249 Wisconsin Avenue, which was formerly home to clothier Diesel. But GM is not as concerned with UGG’s future location or impending arrival as he his with the curiosity that is UGG fashion:

“If there’s one thing GM doesn’t get, it’s the appeal of Ugg boots. They’re bulky and not particularly flattering for most women,” he wrote.

Seriously, ladies, do not dress down around GM.

Photo by Flickr user UggBoy (photographer without borders) used under a Creative Commons license.

2 Comments on “UGG coming to Wisconsin Avenue at old Diesel site

  1. Ha, the funny thing is that my wife has a pair and doesn’t care in the least bit what I think of them. So, probably no one else should either.

  2. I think you outdid yourself finding such an unflattering picture of a “typical Georgetown girl” wearing UGG boots.

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