Georgetown Law’s Home Court raises $371k for Washington Legal Clinic

There was no partisan rancor Wednesday night at Thurgood Marshall Elementary—just an annual basketball game for charity, where members of the Georgetown University Law Center’s faculty (team name Hoya Lawyas, naturally) beat members of the United States Congress (Hill’s Angels) 49 to 42 in an event that raised $371,953 for the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless.

The $370,000 that the event raised far outdid last year’s take of $335,000 and smashed Home Court’s $350,000 goal, media outreach chair George Chipev (SFS ’09, LAW ‘ 12), said. According to Chipev, the money raised through Home Court, which is now in its 23rd year, usually covers about a third of the Clinic’s operating budget.

Here’s the game roster—take a look and see if you Congressman was one of the Hill’s Angels who lost to Georgetown Law faculty. It probably helped the Lawyas that Reggie Love, President Barack Obama’s personal aide and former Duke basketball player, joined the Lawyas at the half, where the Angels led 28-18.

Photo by Alex Perry for Home Court

3 Comments on “Georgetown Law’s Home Court raises $371k for Washington Legal Clinic

  1. Do these guys have huge biceps or just really small heads?

  2. I think it’s the photo angle. That or Congress is really hypocritical when it holds hearings on steroids in baseball.

  3. Ha. I hear Congress has a nice gym.

    Maybe it goes along with that awesome health care they receive.

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