The Week in Photos: Georgetown dressed up for GAAP students

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Photography by: Lexie Herman (slides 1 and 6-9), Shira Saperstein (slides 2 and 16), Christine Folger (slide 3), Jackson Perry (slides 4 and 13), Max Blodgett (slides 5 and 14), Matthew Funk (slides 10 and 15) and Jue Chen (slides 11 and 12)

6 Comments on “The Week in Photos: Georgetown dressed up for GAAP students

  1. Short shorts . . . almost worthy of a comment. But not quite.

  2. What Plan A really wants–Georgetown to divest itself of the Catholic Church and join a religious group with no strong prohibition on anything…the Episcopals, perhaps?

  3. Not a part of the Plan A Hoyas, but wouldn’t mind Georgetown divesting itself of the Catholic church. It would probably be a better university for it, and oh, have a higher endowment and not lose out on many smart progressive students.

  4. YES! Thank you for maintaining the hot pants tradition! See my Facebook profile (Chelsea Paige) for documentation of past hot pants Voice-distribution operations.

  5. @@suspicious Seriously? We might get some more liberal students, but the school would nuke much of the alumni dollars it gets.

    Plus, even if you never see them, the Jesuits are conspiracy cool.

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