An update on the Georgetown Class of 2010 Fund

You probably saw those signs last Thursday—”Did you know your tuition runs out today?” “Did you know that 55 percent of Georgetown students receive financial aid?”—which were making their annual appearance on Copley Lawn to mark ‘Tuition Day,’ or, the day that the money students and their families pay to Georgetown no longer covers the University’s operating costs. From March 25 onwards, Georgetown is funded through alumni donations.

The signs were part of the campaign encouraging seniors to give to the Class of 2010 Fund, which annually collects money from the graduating class as gifts to Georgetown. Add that to the promotional video above—in which a train of students glide past the camera making bizarre gyrations and hand motions (save for the student who is actually signing; and clearly, they didn’t tell that first kid that this video was supposed to be inspiring)—and it’s clear that it’s that time of year again where the Class Fund amps up its efforts to encourage senior donations.

So Vox spoke with Co-Chair of the 2010 Fund Lauren Huddleston (COL ’10) to see how collection was going.

“We are right on par with where we were last year, with 25 percent of the senior class donating. We do have a goal, and it’s 65 percent of the senior class. Last year 55 percent gave,” Huddleston said.

According to numbers she has from the Office of Advancement his year’s fund has collected $17,000 so far, creeping up on last year’s total of $23,000. But Huddleston explained that the Fund committee doesn’t set a monetary goal, because it wants to emphasize that gifts of all sizes are important.

“Last year, 75 percent of all gifts to the Georgetown Fund were under $100, for example.”

Most of this year’s gifts so far, about 70 percent, have gone to the Georgetown Fund, which provides financial aid to Georgetown students. The remaining 30 percent lean toward donations to academic departments or specific majors but donations have been diverse, going toward everything from the Government Department to the Georgetown University Grilling Society.

“Donations have moved away from stone-and-mortar gifts—a park bench, say,” Huddleston said, adding that seniors are given the option to donate to nearly any on-campus group or department they like. Huddleston said donations would probably pick up more rapidly soon.

“We definitely will see a big jump towards graduation, but we encourage giving before that. We don’t want seniors just to give because they’re feeling nostalgic, we want people to give because there are aspects of the school they really love.”

7 Comments on “An update on the Georgetown Class of 2010 Fund

  1. we should use the fund and put it towards that film minor the college is talking about so something like this video doesn’t happen again.

  2. Oh. That’s supposed to be like [], isn’t it? Needs more Lil Wayne.

  3. “What is Georgetown?”

    It’s certainly not a bunch of people striking strange poses to somber music. Who do the authors of this video think we are, NYU?

  4. AAAH! Scary. I thought that was Sophia Behnia in that video for a second.

    Come on, anybody else see it? That looks EXACTLY like her in that still show before you hit play.

  5. this video did not feature rhino or nearly enough douchebags… don’t they know their own school?

  6. I was going to comment with something snarky but 2010 beat me to it.

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