Comments of the Week: Finding solutions

COL Student knew what errant AU Eagle columnist Alex Knepper needed to do to understand what qualifies as consent:

There’s an easy solution to this problem: Knepper needs to have more sex!

Since his article came out I’ve had sex probably three dozen times, and never did I have to get an official statement of “Intimacy accepted upon previously agreed bounds; you may proceed” before “moving my lips any lower on the other person’s body,” or any other of the many acts I’ve performed.

idea had a suggestion for how to get alert all of D.C. to Vox‘s favorite alum, Jennifer Altemus:

Washingtonian magazine is now running their Best & Worst survey. As far as I can tell, the online version only lets you input the Best (, but if you get the print version of the magazine, the mail-in ballot (no postage necessary) lets you input some Worsts as well, including…”Local villain/villainess”

I will be filling mine out soon and entering Madame Altemus as the local villainess. Fellow Hoyas, I encourage you to do the same. Purchase a copy of Washingtonian – or, if feeling particularly Tammany Hall-ish, go to Whole Foods and remove all the ballots (between pages 24 and 25) from the magazines – and send in your ballot ASAP!

jimothy thought something was missing from Class of 2010 Fund video:

this video did not feature rhino or nearly enough douchebags… don’t they know their own school?

Former Hoya staffer Fiore argued that the Plan A protest was more offensive than his paper’s April Fools’ Issue from last year:

This can’t be swept away, not when everyone wanted to hang The Hoya last year. How much more offensive can you be than blaring ignorance at high schoolers looking to come to Georgetown and threatening more action unless demands are met by some deadline. And being serious about it! At least The Hoya’s April fools issue was labeled as a joke, these people really were being an affront to the school, and meant it.

But Oh Fiore was unconvinced, calling Fiore out in biblical terms:

Will you ever wash the stain of the April Fool’s Issue from your soul? Or are you cursed to wander the earth, forever marked by your accidental racism but secure in the knowledge that whoever offends you will be punished seventimes over?

@ugh, others threw down the gauntlet for Solidarity kids thinking about protesting Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich’s speeches:

[noticed] a headline today on Drudge: “Rove Shouted Down, Called ‘War Criminal’ At Book Signing…” We can top that, GSC. Consider this the gauntlet being dropped.

Tim showed why the ANC’s fear of late-night creperies was totally founded:

When I get wasted, the first thing I want to do is walk 6 blocks to get a french pastry. The neighbors understand me so well.

– Typical Undergrad Student

who do i call? defended the neighbors’ new database by laying out how neighbors saw their options for dealing with noisy student parties:

Awaken in middle of night by loud student party. Here is a multiple choice question for you. I Will:

A. Get out of bed get dressed walk down street knock on door and be a parent and ask students to pwease be quiet. Afterall, its my job to remind students they are being too loud.

B. Call SNAP. Because the student may get a call from ocsl asking what happened and if the student made a boo boo he/she may have to write a letter of reflection.

C. Call MPD who will get the job done and may issue a 61d so they don’t have to come out next week

But All of the above? pointed out the one option who do i call? had overlooked:

D. Realize that college students are college students, and living close to a University comes with features that may not be attractive to residents outside the University community. Decide to relocate. Go back to sleep and and awaken the next morning with a newfound sense of purpose.

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