Remix Your Weekend: Wynter Gordon, The New Pornographers, Wait What, + Super Mash to play at G’town

We’re going all around the musical spectrum this week: a house track, Mash-ups of Biggy and the XX, and a new track from the New Pornos. Basically, if you like music, you should be satisfied with today’s post.

I literally stumbled upon this Laidback Luke remix of Wynter Gordon. I didn’t know much about Ms. Gordon, so I did what any 21st century person does when faced with the unkown: I googled it. The rising New York starlet was featured on Mary J. Blige’s 2005 album, and is coming out with her own album later this year.

This track, “Dirty Talk” is the featured track. Laidback Luke takes this track into his workshop and produces a hard-hitting house beat. A great party song in my opinion, the original track will no doubt have some great success at Georgetown parties, I can promise that.

Next The New Pornographers is set to release their new album “Together” on May 4th. For those of you who can’t wait, here’s “Crash Years,” an early leak from the album. They retain the style they’ve had through the years, which is comforting for a kid who went through high school listening to Challengers and Twin Cinema on repeat. Hope you enjoy their youthful abandon as much as I do.

Finally, some mash-ups from Wait What. More specifically, a concept mash-up album of The XX and Notorious BIG. A couple months ago I posted the DMX/XX Hood Internet mash-up, which was superb, but Wait What takes the idea to a whole new level with 11 stunning XX/Biggy Mash-tracks. My favorite, mostly because Juicy reminds me of my own childhood, is going to have to be the Juicy/VCR mash. You can download the whole album at Wait What’s website here.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the few days of break we’ve got. Also, Super Mash Bros are officially coming to G’town to open for Third Eye Blind. Looks like GPB got some common sense. This means that the spring will include Super Mash Bro’s AND The Hood Internet.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get an interview for Vox Pop, but no promises.

2 Comments on “Remix Your Weekend: Wynter Gordon, The New Pornographers, Wait What, + Super Mash to play at G’town

  1. Joshua James is also opening for 3EB, for all you indie folk-loving hipsters.

  2. So is it gonna start Super Mash Bros, Joshua James, then 3eb? Or does Josh begin before SMB? I am hoping the latter…

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