Daily Beast: Georgetown is 19th most stressful school, but it’s no SoCal

In a fluffy post that makes for rather uncomfortable reading given its grisly news peg—the recent string of tragic student suicides at Cornell University—the Daily Beast has compiled a list of the top 50 most stressful colleges and universities in America, where Georgetown is ranked a solidly stressful 19th.

And yeah, Georgetown is a pretty stressful place to be. But we’re suspicious of Daily Beast‘s metrics—who wouldn’t be, what with the University of Southern California ranked above us, at 18.

Beast ranks schools according to competitiveness, using U.S. News & World Report data (35 percent), and cost (another 35 percent). Fair. But acceptance rate (10 percent), which doesn’t really affect us that much once we’re here? Whether or not the school has a rigorous engineering program (10 percent), which only affects engineers? And crime rates (10 percent)? Those are stressful, but there’s nary a school where crime is so bad, it weighs on students’ thoughts constantly and causes them significant, lasting stress.

But OK. Georgetown’s in its rightful place. Still, we can’t believe the University of Chicago didn’t even break the top ten.

Via Jen Sachs

One Comment on “Daily Beast: Georgetown is 19th most stressful school, but it’s no SoCal

  1. Our engineering program was ranked 50th out of 50, so you know it’s at least a bit accurate.

    Also, Vox, where do you get these pictures?

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